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dreaming about returning to this town.
On that day, we separated after
making a pledge to meet again...
But we couldn't separate without it.
So maybe that makes us jointly guilty.
No, Ao.
Listen to me.
To tell the truth...
... Koichi.
I beg you, don't tell me any more.
Such talk is poison to me now.Sorry to say this, but
this tastes awful.
It's the Cat brand.
That's all you can get nowadays.
But, Koichi.
Whatever the truth may be, they
think you abandoned your comrades.
Don't forget that.
What you owe,
you must pay back at some point.
The time might be getting close.
What do you mean?
Who told you where to find me?
I knew it.
Ginji is Bunmei's lapdog.
Bunmei is a detective
with the Security Police...
...who has a strange obsession
for hunting down...
...the remaining Kerberos members.
He's a big jerk.
In exchange for his protection...
...Ginji became a spy
for the Security Police.
Well, whether you believe
it or not is up to you.
But, if you think
that earning a living...
...as a professional stand-and-eater...
...is still possible these
days without backing...
...you're out of your mind.
Besides, this much is true.
He's the one who
sold-out Midori and me.
Anyway, don't trust anyone.
Especially women.
Are you talking about Midori?
I can't tell you.
But if you see her,
you'll both regret it.
Especially you.
What's wrong?
Sorry, but where's the bathroom?
Out in the hallway, at the far end.
Hey, try not to make a mess.
That hag of a landlord
is really fussy.
Now, it's time for
some wake-up exercises.
Let's pump up the energy!
It seems you're awake now.
Hold out your fingers,
and do bend-and-unbends.
Is that chair a comfortable
place to sleep?
Before you, many have slept
and awakened in that chair.
I believe you had a nice dream.
A dream?
I left here, and...
... I know I was with Ao.
How long have I been here?!
You have a poor memory.
You're not in a
position to ask questions.
I already told you.
Now, let's continue, shall we?
That woman by your side looks
a lot like a woman I once knew.
We used to terrify criminals.
We, the glorious Kerberos
First Platoon 's "Devil's Trio."
We always moved as a team.
The reason we were called Plungers
was because Ao and I...
...could plunge into any death-trap.
Risking our lives solely because of
her incomparably reliable backup.
The three of us as one.
Our combination play was perfect.
As if we were the incarnation of that
three-headed dog on the emblem...
...the watchdog of hell, Kerberos.
Don't look away.
A dog is supposed to
be faithful to its master.
A dog is supposed to
know who his master is.
What are you so hung up about?
Why are you so stubborn?
Is it pride?
You want to prove how gritty you are?
I'll tell you a story.
Once upon a time,
there was a magnet living some place.
Its neighbors were
grains of iron sand.
"Iron sand" doesn't mean
"iron courage," mind you.
It's sand made of iron.
One day, a few grains of the
iron sand came up with the idea...
...to go visit the magnet,
and told it to the others.
Other grains nearby overheard it
and joined the conversation.
And, after a while, all the grains
were arguing over the issue.
Grains of iron sand don't argue.
This is an allegory.
The grains of iron
sand continued to argue.
As they talked,
what started out as a vague wish...
...was now heightened to an impulse.
Also, they, without realizing it,
were inching toward the magnet.
The argument continued endlessly,
and one of them voiced an opinion...
...that the magnet was their neighbor and
therefore it was their duty to visit it...
...and that they should
have visited it long ago.
As they talked, they moved
even closer to the magnet...
...and yet didn't even realize
that they were moving.
At last, those that
lost their patience won...
...and with an insuppressible urge,

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