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I don't know!
You can't fool me!
I really don't know!
Ouch, it hurts, stop, ah!
I don't know!
I really don't know!
Stop it!
What are you doing?
Spit it out!
You stupid piece of shit!
Spit it out, now!
You stupid piece of shit!
Where is Ginji?
Ouch, what mediocrity.
Do you remember now?
Do brothers or friends not
exist in a small restroom?
No such thing!
You stupid piece of shit!
Hey you.
You know an underground
stand-and-eat soba shop.
Anything but that...
mercy, big brother.
No brothers or friends
exist in a small restroom!
Why don't you wash your face?
Let me buy you a bowl.
"Angel egg."
They don't have it?
Nor "moon-viewing."
You can't get "moon-viewing"
or "angel egg" any more.
Lots of things have happened
since you disappeared.
The traffic light has
changed to muddy blue.
It may never turn
back to clear red again.
Nobody stops for you.
Both the town and
the people have changed.
And so have I.
"Ginji the Moon-Viewing"
became just old plain Ginji...
...when "moon-viewing"
disappeared from the menu.
Yet, as soon as the sun sets, I find
myself coming to a place like this.
Not being able to forget
the taste of the past.
But I'm the lucky one.
I still get treated to soba
like this once in a while...
...and see an old friend's face, too.
The others?
Ushigoroh the Beef Bowl,
Amataroh the Baked Red Bean Pastry...
Sabu the Medium Hot...
Tetsu the Hamburger, Mami the Crepe...
Where and how they are now?
Not even rumors get through this town.
Why did you come back?
Soichiroh Toribe...
Midori Washio...
It's not as if you quit your
other profession as well, is it?
Have I ever caused you
any trouble before?
That's the problem.
Take care of yourself.
As someone once said, a true
friend is the one you play with.
No, those two aside...
... if you want to cherish your memories...
...don't meet them.
Out of order
Hey, come out!
Hey, please, come out!
No brothers or friends
exist in a small restroom.
Now, it's time for
some wake-up exercises.
Let's pump up the energy!
Hold out your fingers,
and do bend-and-unbends.
Bend, unbend, bend, and unbend.
As if you were
thrusting them forward.
And elbow-stretching.
Let's see some energy!
Are you awake, Koichi?
Straighten your backs,
and do some kick-ups.
Higher! Higher!
How's your stomach?
Where am I?
What am I doing here?
Who are you?
Alright, then.
Let's say I'm in the same
trade as you were before.
Therefore, this is an
interrogation room.
You, having eaten for the first time
in three years your favorite food...
...stand-and-eat soba, suffered
from symptoms of acute diarrhea.
But you couldn't overcome your
own sense of public morality...
...and fainted in agony in the end.
A good citizen found you unconscious
in the theater restroom and called us.
So here you are.
Now, let us begin.
Former Metropolitan Anti Vicious
Crime Heavily Armored Mobile Special...
... Investigation Unit senior
detective Koichi Todome.
A.K.A. "Koichi the Last Blow."
Currently on the wanted list
for charges of violating...
...the Civil Servant Practice Code and
illegally possessing weapons...
...a violation of the Firearms
and Swords Control Law.
Interfering with policemen in
the fulfillment of their duties...
Violating the Immigration Control Law.
Violating the Anti-Subversive
Activities Law, among others!
The only man who, when the Special
Investigation Unit was dissolved...
...refused to disarm and
managed to flee the country.
What did a man such
as yourself return for?
Summer, 1995.
On melting asphalt roads,
people walked...
... leaving impressions
of their footsteps behind.
It was extremely hot...
I see, you intend to
remain completely silent.
I am talking, aren't I?
I have no interests in the dusty
memories of your past.
What I want is information.
On what?
If I knew, I wouldn't be asking.
To begin with,

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