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Mobile Special Investigation Police Order No. 209.
August 1, same year
After a 45-day siege, the entire Special Unit Fifth Platoon
surrendered. The Metropolitan Police declared that the
"Kerberos Riot" incident had concluded.
Photography: Yosuke Mamiya
Lighting: Yoshimi Hosaka
November 2, same year
Midori Washio (25), a former Special Investigation Unit
senior detective, was arrested at a friend's house
where she had been in hiding.
December 19, same year
Soichiroh Toribe (27), a former Special Investigation
Unit senior detective, was arrested after a gunfight at
his lover's house, where he had been in hiding.
Music: Kenji Kawai
Effects : Yasufumi Yoda
June 15, 1996
The first trial for the "Kerberos Riot" was called into
October 21, 1997
The separate trial for the "Kerberos Riot" concluded.
April 28, 1998
All accused members of the "Kerberos Unitary Group"
were found guilty. An appeal to the higher court was
Editing: Seiji Morita
Adjustments: Kunio Kuwahara
At large as of June 15, 1998-
Former Special Investigation Unit, First Platoon senior
detective, Koichi Todome (28)
Director: Mamoru Oshii
Three years later
To the Oriental Hotel.
Take a left onto Pier Street!
Oh, number 13, Port Town.
Summer, 1995.
On melting asphalt roads,
people walked...
... leaving impressions of
their footsteps behind.
It was extremely hot...
You alone?
You don't take singles?
No, as long as you pay,
I don't care if you're a dog.
Want me to get someone?
By "someone" you mean
a massage parlor girl?
Or Ambassador Magma?
Either one.
No, neither.
You sure?
Then you're...?
Ah, forget it.
Don't kill him. Make
sure you capture him alive.
Yes, sir!
The lost, lost little kitten
Where is your home
She can't tell where her home is
She can't tell what her name is
Dogs, live. Cats, die.
It is ten o'clock.
'Tis but an hour ago since it was 9,
And after one hour more it will be 11;
And so, from hour to hour
we ripe and ripe.
William Shakespeare,
from As You Like It...
...Act Two, Scene Seven.
What about it?
My, that was quite a surprise.
You falling from the
sky with a bang like that.
Let me guess, you're...
I'm just a passing tourist.
Well, sure you are, if you say so.
But your eyes are those of one
who abandoned this town once...
...for a reason and
came back after a few years.
To accomplish something.
But you'd better be careful.
This town isn't the
town you once knew.
In the few years you were away,
its corruption has advanced steadily.
Look, Mister.
I keep wondering if it's
because its people rot...
...the town rots as well, or because
the town rots, the people rot as well.
Which do you think is the case?
I dunno.
Not good.
Such an apathetic
attitude is not good.
Communication is the first step to
deeper understanding between people.
If you keep your mouth shut like that...
Hey, aren't there any stand-and-eat
soba shops around here?
Owned by a lone middle-aged
man with dark past...
...where sorrowful men come to
find one bowl worth of warmth...
...that kind of place.
Didn't you know, Mister?
Stand-and-eat soba was
outlawed two years ago.
Those shops are the place where
youngsters, wanting to get away...
...gather late at night.
And the owners tend to
have dark and secret pasts.
Considering those two aspects...
...they were deemed to violate public
order and standards of decency.
Well, there probably was a large
potential for a public opposition...
...but anyhow, the kind of people who
flock around stand-and-eat soba shops...
...have no possibility
whatsoever of unifying.
The Stand-and-Eat Snack
Sales Prohibition Ordinance...
...or SESSPO for short.
Beef bowls, too?
Of course it applies.
Convenience stores?
Until sundown.
Like I said, they've gone rotten.
Stop the car!
"Ginji the Moon-Viewing! "
Where is he?
I don't

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