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Красная палатка

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but when do you intend
to take off on your search?
As soon as Monsieur Guilbaud
tells me the weather is fit.
But surely it's not just a question
of weather, but of courage.
Too much or not enough courage
in the Arctic is equally fatal.
Perhaps that's the fascination.
It demands a balance.
I'm blind.
My eyes. I can't see.
My eyes.
You'll be all right in a few days.
You're snow-blind. It'll pass.
Use my glasses.
Lift your head, Behounek.
What is it? Is it a plane?
It's a plane.
- They found us!
- Took them three bloody weeks!
- We're over here!
- They found us!
Over here!
He's turning!
It's got to see us. It's got to.
Come back.
God, he's missed us. He's going.
Come back!
- Come back.
- I can't hear.
You're Swedish?
- How can they?
- Why shouldn't they?
After what we heard last night...
You can still ask me
to fly off after him to find your boyfriend...
after what we heard last night?
What will you give me...
if I do?
What do you want?
All right. You've got a deal.
- You don't much fancy me, do you?
- No.
But if I find young Malmgren,
we've got a deal?
This guy Malmgren, I have to see.
Go on.
Go on.
Wait. Let him rest a bit.
I want to lie here.
We're not saving him.
He's killing us.
When the time comes...
shall I let you lie there?
Take them.
They are more useful to you.
Take them, if you are to live.
Add them to the pack.
It's all right, Mariano. Take them.
Zappi, help me dig my grave.
Otherwise the bears...
will eat my flesh.
Go now.
We will wait.
We'll wait.
Let's say a prayer. Are you Catholic?
I'm not even a Christian.
- I'll baptize you.
- No.
You must not die without God.
For me, there's no religion,
there is humanity.
I'll baptize you.
- In the name of the Father...
- No.
...and of the Son...
- No.
...and of the Holy Ghost.
Gentlemen, I admire
your courage and endurance.
Cecioni, get ready. Come on.
I've brought some food and drinks...
for those who have to stay behind
a little bit longer.
How many seats on the plane?
- Are you Biagi?
- Yes.
Congratulations. You're a father.
- Biagi.
- Boy?
- Girl.
- A daughter.
- How's my wife?
- I think everything was normal.
Which one of you is Malmgren?
Malmgren is one of the three
that tried to go out on foot.
Good luck to him.
General, your engineer's idling my engine.
Can't risk shutting it off.
We must hurry. Please get ready.
Now, boys...
give us a great big smile.
Come on. Smile.
Thank you.
- What are you doing with him?
- He goes first.
There must be some mistake. You go first.
There's nothing to worry about.
The field is excellent, weather perfect.
Six flights, and you'll all be in Kingsbay.
Cecioni is injured. You'll take him.
The man weighs about 100 kilos.
If he goes, I'd have to stay here.
All right.
Cecioni, sorry.
You'll take Dr. Behounek.
- He's snow-blind.
- General?
Kingsbay is in shambles.
There's no one in charge.
If you want those three wandering boys
of yours found...
you better fly back with me and take over.
No, you'll take Dr. Behounek.
I take you or no one.
I see.
What's your interest in this?
Those poor bastards you sent out
on the ice are my interest.
- I sent no one out on the ice!
- No? Who did?
- They went of their own initiative.
- I thought you were in charge here.
- General, the Krassin is stuck out there...
- I know that.
That's right. Samoilovich is an old buddy
of yours, isn't he?
- Yes, I know him.
- So you can talk to him from Kingsbay.
- You make them move their asses!
- I think you should go, General.
I'll take off in five minutes,
with or without you.
I'm not going to share Amundsen's fate.
Amundsen has been lost looking for you.
I didn't know that he was here.
We took off in clear weather...
but we flew into an Arctic storm.
It took us north.
It took us
Красная палатка Красная палатка

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