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Красная палатка

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the Italia was at 83 degrees Latitude...
and 26 degrees Longitude.
Do conditions still permit a landing
at the pole?
- I really don't know.
- Is Titina with them?
- I beg your pardon?
- The General's little dog.
My duties do not extend
to the General's little dog.
Can you tell us
what your duties are, Captain?
I'm to maintain radio contact
with the General...
at prearranged times
and prearranged wavelengths.
- What times, Captain?
- Two hours on, two hours off.
What wavelength are they using, Captain?
I'm not authorized to tell you that.
Press information will be limited
to the position of the airship...
and the weather conditions prevailing.
By noon tomorrow, the airship is expected
to be nearing its objective.
It has now successfully completed 250 miles.
Our coordinates, please.
27 degrees west of Greenwich,
latitude 84 degrees, 20 minutes.
Height: 750 feet.
Airspeed: 80 miles an hour.
Up elevators. Go to 1,300 feet.
Dr. Malmgren...
there's a message, sir,
from Tromso Institute.
Tromso Institute reports
the high-pressure area...
is becoming unstable.
But they also say that the wind should hold
until we reach the Pole.
Dense cloud, 3,000 feet,
forming on horizon to starboard.
- 88 degrees, 10 minutes north, General.
- 44 miles to the pole.
There. It looks like
you're very lucky, General.
Put on your furs, gentlemen.
- Troiani, go down to 400 meters.
- Yes, sir.
- Captain Zappi.
- Yes, sir?
- Get the anchor lines ready.
- Yes, sir. Out mooring ropes.
Biagi, we're approaching the Pole.
All engines minimum speed.
Troiani, prepare the basket for lowering.
- All right.
- Ahoy in the keelson.
Stand by the anchor lines.
- Stop starboard engine.
- Get ready to lower the basket!
Landing will be difficult.
Wind is about 35 knots.
The anchor lines are ready, General.
The men are standing by.
- Hold at 450 feet.
- Very well, sir.
Dr. Malmgren, circle, minimum radius.
- Yes, sir.
- We're going down.
- That's what we came here for.
- Are we close?
- Biagi.
- Sir?
When we've circled,
transmit that we're at the Pole.
May I tell the crew?
Boys, we made it!
Viva I'Italia!
Viva I'Italia!
To the ship.
Viva I'Italia!
Thank you.
Not many men can say
they've been to the pole twice.
It's a pity Amundsen was not here with us.
It's a pity Amundsen was not here with us.
- Give me a hand with this.
- Biagi.
Holy kingdom of God and Italy.
- General!
- Here goes.
Viva I'Italia!
The cloud back to starboard
seems to be closing on us, General.
Visibility down to 15 miles.
Good news, Captain.
"A cross and the Italian flag...
"were dropped at the North Pole...
"at 1247 hours, precisely."
Are they going to land?
Go on. Tell us.
What's your opinion, Doctor?
It's better to go back to Kingsbay.
The wind will be against us.
The fog is thickening.
The temperature is dropping.
Will it mean postponing the landing?
General, we may never get a second chance.
- At least we should try it.
- It is risky.
Dr. Malmgren,
you forget that in the eyes of the world...
the honor of Italy is at stake.
- Mine, too.
- Excuse me, General...
but your honor lies
in accomplishing your mission.
It lies in the lives of your men.
The course is back
to Spitzbergen. Understood?
To Kingsbay.
It's 1:00.
They should be down on the ice now.
Here's the Captain.
The Italia airship is returning here.
I spent four weeks in this Godforsaken
icebox of a dump, and no story!
- Headwinds increasing to 45 miles an hour.
- Dr. Malmgren, I'll take the wheel.
- We're listing to stern.
- General, you must come up to the keelson!
- The metal frame is icing now.
- We must get more height.
Up elevators. Behounek!
- Mariano!
- General?
Keep all engines at full speed.
We must maintain altitude.
Yes, sir!
For God's sake,
get the engines up to 1,400 revs!
The ice is building up. We're losing altitude.
Escape of gas.
- This valve
Красная палатка Красная палатка

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