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Космический лагерь

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- What?
Well, you know how you said...
Like, how you said
they have that telemetry stuff
and, like, they could
read all our instruments?
Well, I was thinking...
or maybe I was just inspired
by the view and all...
Is that India we're coming up on?
What idea?
Yeah, well, code.
The CXT switch?
You mean Morse code.
Yeah, I read a book on it once.
Go get on the switches.
Good idea, Tish.
They've gotta hear us.
All right, Kathryn, I need you
to help me get ready.
It's time for me
to get into the airlock.
Sounds good...
Jinx help NASA.
Jinx help NASA.
Jinx help NASA.
Max, are all the elements
of the spacesuit in place?
Kathryn, did you
double-check to see
if the portable life-support system
has been charged?
I'll be in there for a while
suiting up and depressurizing.
I'll establish contact when I'm ready
to go into the cargo bay.
Okay, Rudy, open the airlock.
I'm going to bring back
twwo tanks of oxygen.
We've gotta have a backup.
Once I'm out there,
I'll be gone about 20 minutes.
Once I'm out there,
I'll be gone about 20 minutes.
Don't talk any more than you need,
and don't move around
unless it's absolutely necessary.
Here, Andie.
Kathryn, you're in charge
until I get back.
I once knew this guy who could hold
his breath underwater for hours.
Nobody could ever figure out
exactly how he did it.
Well, maybe it wasn't hours,
but it sure was a long time.
That was when
I was on the swim team.
It was freshman year.
He used to do it, too...
hold his breath for hours...
...just by thinking
about eating French fries.
I guess he really got off
on eating French fries.
You're using up oxygen, man.
Kathryn, do you read me?
Roger, Andie.
I've entered the cargo bay
and I'm securing the hatch.
Kind of makes you miss
the good old days of camp, doesn't it?
When I'm locked into the MMU,
prepare to open the CBDs.
Kathryn, do you copy?
Roger, Andie.
Prepare to open CBDs.
It's a go for
cargo bay doors, Rudy.
Cargo bay doors activated.
What was that, Andie?
I couldn't quite copy.
We only have one hour left.
I found them!
- All right!
- All right!
Come on, please!
Oh, God.
I just can't reach them.
They're still
in their storage modes.
I'm gonna have to try it
without the MMU.
No. Tell her not to.
She'll have no power,
no control.
She'll tumble out into space
without her jet pack.
Where is she?
Damn it!
It's no good.
I just can't reach it.
Well, she has to!
Tell her she has to get them!
Tish, she can't, all right?
Make her.
She just isn't small enough.
Well, I am.
You can't go out there.
It's a good idea, guys.
I am ready.
- Push a little harder.
- Double-check everything.
Is this the only suit
you could find?
It's the only one down there.
Tish, give me your belt.
What an excellent idea.
What are you going to do
with her belt?
We are going to make
this suit as small as Max
so he can fit through Daedalus.
All right, Maxwell!
Commander Skywalker reporting in.
Rudy, I want you to make sure
that RMS arm is in lock.
Double-check everything.
Radio check is okay.
What about these doors over here?
It's okay. They have to be able
to get back in.
Okay, Max, get strapped
into the RMS,
and Rudy will swing you
over to Daedalus.
No way!
Let me in!
I changed my mind!
Let me in! Please let me in!
Let me in!
I changed my mind!
Max, you have to help Andie.
Let me in!
Please let me in!
Use the Force, Luke.
Stretch out your feelings.
The Force is always with you.
- Look!
- Go, Max.
- You can do it.
- Unbelievable.
Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Help me.
I'm sorry, Max.
Hang in there.
It's me!
I'm here to rescue you!
I'm small enough
to reach the oxygen.
That's the way, Max.
Now unstrap the tank
and pass it over to me.
Only one minute left.
Okay, Max, I'm gonna take this
back to the ship.
The sooner you
Космический лагерь Космический лагерь

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