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Космический лагерь

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thermal curtain failure?
How did this happen?
It's not important
how it happened.
What's important now
is howwe get back home.
We are going home.
Folks, I'm gonna need
all your help to get there.
Rudy, you and Kevin
stow the aft deck seats.
We have no voice contact
with NASA.
Telemetry is still on.
The safest procedure will be
for them to bring us down on auto
at the next available window.
There are windows out there?
No, it's where we re-enter
the Earth's atmosphere
at the right time and place
so we can land
at Edwards Air Force Base.
First re-entry for Edwards
is in 12 hours.
Okay, we just sit tight,
and we keep everything
running till then.
In the meantime,
I'm gonna check this mother out.
- This is unprecedented.
- I don't knowwhat to tell you.
I gotta give some statement.
They're right there.
I want that gallery cleared out.
Take those kids
back to Space Camp.
- The president has to be told.
- They'll be back in 12 hours.
How am I supposed to
keep a lid on this?
People for 500 miles
know the shuttle went up.
Tell them the truth...
we launched my wife
and five kids from the Space Camp.
They'll never believe it.
What's your reading?
South 5-5-55.
We have to find
an earlier re-entry.
- Why? What's the problem?
- The shuttle wasn't flight-ready.
They won't be alive in 12 hours.
One tank of oxygen?
How long will one tank last?
Twelve hours.
That's not enough.
We'll need more for re-entry,
at least another hour.
So what are we gonna do?
Re-entry to landing...
14 hours.
Estimated oxygen supply...
11 hours, 56 minutes.
Max will erase?
Probability... 100%.
Get Max out of space now.
NASA is working on the problem.
NASA needs help.
Any suggestions?
- Daedalus.
- Of course, Daedalus.
Now if only we could talk to her.
She's a good pilot, Zach.
She'll think of it.
Great. No oxygen was provided
for the life-support system.
What about the propulsion system?
We can raid liquid oxygen
from there.
The propulsion system
uses nitrogen tetroxide, Rudy.
We want to breathe,
not dry-clean our lungs.
Let's think. Where are we
gonna get more oxygen?
I could run down to 7-11.
Right, Kev.
That's it.
- What's it?
- You wanna share this with us?
Yep. We're going to Daedalus.
- The space station.
- That's right.
Isn't it still under construction?
But they already
have oxygen storage.
Kevin, get in the seat.
The rest of you just hang on,
prepare for maneuver.
We're gonna transfer
to another orbit.
I just hope we have time.
We're going
for Daedalus rendezvous.
Prepare for OMS burn.
Power up.
- Kevin, give me a course bearing.
- Course bearing, right.
Kevin, you did this
in the simulator. Come on.
I faked it in the simulator.
Then get out of the seat.
- I'll get it.
- Out!
Kathryn, give me a course bearing.
Stand by for OMS burn.
Go for OMS.
Thanks a lot, NASA.
Congratulations for a job well done.
Okay, give my thanks.
Jerry and Wayne did a great job.
Three for three...
We have Atlantis transferring
to a higher orbit at 76.4 degrees.
She remembered!
That's it.
Give me Daedalus ETA.
The estimated time of arrival
at Daedalus
is 26 minutes and 13 seconds.
This would be easier if we could
reach Mission Control.
- Did you do it?
- It was too difficult.
Tell me what you want me to do.
Max, do I have to do
everything for you?
You've got a 180 IQ.
You can't figure it out?
All right, now, Max,
it's very simple, okay?
Just like a dentist's chair.
Like a Mr. Thirsty.
I ain't getting in there.
Max, don't worry, okay?
It's not like you're using it
for much else anyway.
Okay, hop in.
Don't forget to turn
the fan on, okay?
There's Daedalus.
We made it.
Andie, I knowwe made it here,
but how are we gonna
make it to re-entry
without help from Ground Control?
Well, I've been giving that
a lot of thought lately,
and I've come up
with one good idea.
- I had an
Космический лагерь Космический лагерь

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