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Космический лагерь

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for main engine test.
- Stand by.
Atlantis, do you copy?
She's all yours.
Go ahead.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Come on, will you
answer the man?
Control, this is Atlantis.
Radio check satisfactory. Over.
I heard that, Kathryn!
Stand by for FRF ignition.
Counting down.
Tminus ten...
...nine... eight...
seven... six...
three... twwo...
Go for main engine test.
We have main engine start.
Tplus five...
Max needs thermal curtain failure.
...nine... ten...
Oh, my God!
...13... 14...
15... 16...
Thermal curtain failure.
Max and Jinx friends forever.
...three... four... five...
We have overheat on Booster B.
- Temperature?
- 1,200 degrees and climbing.
Get that thing operational.
The thermal curtain is failing.
Terminate the test.
We're past shutdown temperature.
We can't stop it.
We have thermal curtain failure.
What does that mean?
Booster B...
temperature is critical.
Kathryn, get out of there now!
Andie, make 'em stop!
Make 'em turn it off!
They're trying!
Booster B is near ignition.
It's gonna light.
Andie, help us!
Light Booster A!
Launch us or we're gonna explode!
What's happening?!
Please, Andie!
Grab her, Rudy!
- Do it.
- Zach, we're not authorized.
Light it or they're gonna die.
Ignite Booster A.
- Five... four...
- Arm booster igniters.
Booster igniters armed.
- Rudy, hold on to her!
- I'm trying!
Go for launch! Now!
Light it.
Get in the seat!
Go, baby, go.
My God!
We have liftoff.
Bye, Max.
Instituting roll maneuver, Atlantis.
Roger, Control.
Roll maneuver complete.
Atlantis, you're looking good.
Do you want to take it?
Jesus Christ, Zach!
I guess you're not going to
have to wait so long after all.
You're going to have to throttle.
Atlantis, this is Control.
Copy, Control.
Main engines at 65%% .
Kathryn, just hang on!
It's three G's.
I know it's tough.
Kevin, you've got to drop
the solid boosters.
They're on your side.
Now arm SRB separation.
I don't knowwhich ones!
Panel C-3.
On your right side.
Atlantis, you are go
for SRB separation.
Hit it!
Control, this is Atlantis.
We have SRB separation.
- Over.
- They have SRB sep.
Atlantis, this is Control.
Press for MECO.
You are go for main engine cutoff.
This will be the lead story...
MECO is on schedule. Over.
I don't knowwhere
this drill's gonna end, baby.
Hang in there.
MECO is on schedule. Over.
Control, this is Atlantis.
Do you read? Over.
We're losing her.
This bird wasn't flight-ready.
They only have short-range radio.
Kevin, we have MECO.
Go for ET sep on my mark.
Three... twwo...
Do you knowwhere it is?
I think so. Got it!
They got their OMS burn.
They're still climbing.
Come on!
Tracking reads Atlantis
at 180 by 33.
They're in orbit.
I didn't touch
a thing, Andie. Honest.
I know, Rudy.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
I think we've achieved orbit.
- Kathryn, are you okay?
- I think so.
You're floating.
Just relax and allow yourself
to flowwith it.
I could lose the liftoff,
but this is incredible!
This is unreal!
I feel like I'm flying.
- We're in space, Kevin.
- I can't believe it.
Max, Tish, are you okay?
- Why me?
- I feel sick.
We're gonna die.
We're already dead.
This feels like a dream.
Kevin, is this incredible or what?
You got more guts than me, Rudy.
- Man coming through.
- Oh, my God.
It's like magic.
Max, you gotta try this flying.
Watch your head, Max.
- Are you all in one piece?
- I think so.
- Good.
- Jesus.
Well, I think we have
a few things to talk about.
A few things?
Maybe you can touch
those stars now, huh?
Let me see.
Is that Earth?
Sure is, Max.
That's the coast
of Africa right there.
And there's the Swiss Alps.
It goes by so fast.
What an amazing sunset.
Boy, I could stay
up here forever.
Me too.
Andie, I wanna go home.
- What went wrong, Andie?
- What's a
Космический лагерь Космический лагерь

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