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Космический лагерь

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second decisions are essential.
You're traveling
at 17,000 miles an hour.
There is no room for error.
You'll find your spacesuits
stored in the airlock.
You're on your own there
when you depressurize
as you prepare to move
from the cabin into the cargo bay.
Okay, Kathryn, now it's your turn
in the multi-axis trainer.
This is one of the most
critical tasks to master,
especially if you want to achieve
top ranking here
as a shuttle pilot.
Okay, you have 30 seconds
to stabilize.
Here you go.
Thirty seconds.
All right, start it up.
If the shuttle is spinning when it
re-enters the earth's atmosphere,
the astronaut has
just seconds to stabilize
or he might enter a flat spin.
Keep your head centered.
Don't turn it right or left.
- Push your stick forward.
- I got it.
Fifteen seconds.
You're yawing to the right.
Turn it left.
Go right, right.
Come on, you can...
Come on, Kathryn.
You're not a passenger, you're a pilot.
- Fly it.
- I'm trying.
- You've got ten seconds.
- I'm going to be sick.
Come on.
Five seconds.
Come on, Kathryn, fly it.
Okay, shut it off.
I would have gotten it
in another minute.
Another minute, you would have
been burnt up on re-entry.
Come on and get out.
We're running late.
I can do it. You're just not
giving me a chance.
All right.
Five minutes, but that's all.
Come on, Kevin.
Okay, next I'm going to show you
how to strap yourselves
into our orbital exerciser.
- Rudy, you want to go first?
- Give me a hand.
A microgravity environment
is equivalent of prolonged bed rest,
causing the heart to weaken...
You know, I wouldn't
let Andie get to you like that.
I couldn't please her if I spent
the rest of my life trying.
Why do you want to please
anybody but yourself?
I don't know.
I'm not an expert,
but it seems to me
that if you just eased up
on the thing, you could handle it.
You're just trying too hard.
Maybe we have
something in common.
You know, there's this
full moon tonight.
You're gonna turn into
a werewolf or something like that?
No, but I know this great place
where we could
check the shuttle out.
Right. I'll get caught
breaking curfew. No way.
If I can handle that,
will you go?
All right.
All right.
Say, Max, you got a minute?
You've been coming here
for a couple of years.
What's the best way
to get to the beach?
You're gonna ask him?
Distract and destroy
the lmperial Guard.
You've got ten seconds.
What would Luke Skywalker do?
Howwould he get
to the launch pad?
Kid's gonna go for the droid.
Jinx, what's the best way
to the launch pad?
Go out to main gate,
go to highway, turn left...
That takes me
right by Zach Bergstrom's office.
Is there another way
to the launch pad, Jinx?
A secret way?
Turn left before Zach's office,
turn right at Rocket Park,
avoid maintenance building,
go east.
Depending on ground speed,
beach can be reached...
No one talks!
Look at that shuttle!
Can you believe that it can go
from the earth up into the stars?
Look, there's the Seven Sisters.
Oh, yeah?
It's so beautiful up there.
I wish it was like that down here.
So, you're really
into this space stuff, huh?
Ever since
I was a little girl.
My dad used to
take me up in his plane
and hold me on his lap.
Sometimes at night
I used to reach out
and try to touch the stars.
I couldn't wait to grow up.
What's so special
about going up?
In space, anything is possible.
Maybe we could even
do things right up there
instead of screwing them up
like we have down here.
Yeah, but what's the point?
We're all gonna get nuked anyway.
Kevin, that's just an excuse
for people who are
afraid to try.
Hold it.
Hold it one second here.
It's not that I'm afraid to try.
It's just that...
I don't know.
I just don't care, I guess.
- Yes, you do.
- I do?
It's just that it's easier
to say you don't care...
...than it is to try...
...and then fail.
I know.
I'll never tell.
Космический лагерь Космический лагерь

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