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Космический лагерь

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that second tank,
the sooner we can go home.
I'm hurrying, Andie. Honest.
I know you are.
Rudy, please keep
that arm steady.
He's doing the best that he can.
I know, but she is trying
to load the cannisters.
Could you guys argue
without talking?
Well, that's it, campers.
All we have left
is the air in the cabin.
Oh, my God!
Oh, no!
Save me!
I can't stop!
Look, Max.
I'm right behind you.
I can't stop!
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna let you
get away from me.
I'm getting closer.
I can't stop!
- Come on!
- Hold steady.
Reach your hand out.
I'm trying to.
- I'm gonna get you.
- I can't reach!
Help! Andie!
I'm almost there.
I've got your foot.
Okay, I've got your foot.
You think you're scared now?
Wait till your parents get the bill
for breaking Daedalus.
Forty minutes to re-entry.
They're cradling the arm.
Let's hope there's oxygen
on the end of it.
Connect the tank hose cap to the...
...blue valve.
Which one?
There are twwo.
Rudy, remember,
this is pure oxygen.
If we make the wrong connection,
we're gonna be sitting
in the middle of a fireball.
You must get it right.
It's the blue valve
next to the green.
There is no blue one
next to a green.
No, no, not green.
I meant yellow.
Rudy, we're all gonna be dead
before you make up your mind.
It's the blue valve
next to the red.
It's the wrong hose.
It is not.
It's the red one.
Will somebody please
make a decision?
It's the red one.
It's the yellow!
I have been studying this book
since I came to camp.
I know I'm right.
Believe me.
Do it, Andie.
It's the blue valve
next to the yellow valve.
Good job, Rudy.
- All right!
- That was cutting it close.
- They got air!
- All right!
Let's get this thing
programmed for re-entry.
Put 'em on auto
and bring 'em on home!
Okay, Max, I have it now.
You can go in the airlock.
And, Max...
What's happening?
Status check?
We are closing the cargo bay doors.
Prepare for de-orbit burn.
What's going on?
Nothing's responding.
Who's closing
the cargo bay doors?
Help me!
Andie's not in yet!
Come on, Andie.
It's NASA. They're bringing us
down on auto.
Well, make 'em stop!
Come on.
I don't have her!
Stop the doors!
She's not in!
Look at Andie.
Andie, do you hear us?
Andie, come in.
Andie, can you read us?
T minus 23 minutes
for re-entry window.
Prepare for RSC burn.
Let's turn 'em around
for deceleration.
There's a manual
override switch here.
I saw it.
Where is it?
Here it is.
If we override NASA,
we'll miss the window.
We've gotta go now.
We can't leave Andie.
She'll die.
Yaw maneuver complete.
Stand by for OMS burn.
Kathryn, take the window.
It's your only chance.
Prepare for de-orbit burn.
Ready for countdown.
Nine seconds.
Do something, Kathryn.
Two seconds.
Rudy, open the cargo bay doors.
Tish, unstow the medical kit.
Listen, we're going
to open the doors.
Bring Andie in.
This time use the foot restraints.
Hang in there, buddy.
- All right, Rudy, do it.
- Now?
Come on, Andie.
Help me run a check
on the manual systems.
Come on, Andie.
Okay, Max.
Okay, let her go.
I got her.
All right, guys,
let's take this thing off her.
I'll get her gloves.
Let's get her out of the EMU.
- Transport her to the sleep station.
- Tish, anything?
No, nothing.
I don't get it.
Why would she override auto?
And miss the window.
How much oxygen did they buy?
Not enough to make it
to the next window at Edwards.
Why would she
miss their last chance?
What the hell else
is going wrong up there?
How is she?
I think she
shattered her arm
and she broke her ribs.
I don't know, really.
So, Kevin,
what the hell do we do?
Rudy, I don't know.
Well, we have got to do something.
Christ, I'm not a doctor!
I don't knowwhat to do!
Look, guys...
Just get back to your stations,
and I'll stay here...
with Andie.
I want to stay with Andie.
I'll stay with Andie, okay?
Космический лагерь Космический лагерь

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