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where you are...
...but you obviously enjoy being
there more than being with me!
You better hope this Jordan
character still can play.
You and me both, brother.
Listen, how is this for a new team name:
The Ducks.
What kind of Mickey Mouse
organization would name a team that?
So sue me. It's just a suggestion.
You're doing it!
You're becoming mighty!
No pain, no gain.
Look who's finally ready to play!
Let's see if I remember how.
Is it really you?
Thank God you're all right!
I was so worried!
Come on, Stan. Don't hug me, please.
- Why are you here?
- I must take you back for practice.
I can't. I'm helping my friends
in their basketball game.
Your friends are cartoon characters.
Yeah. So?
It doesn't bother me.
Let me help? Let me help! I can help!
What can you do?
I may not be tall, but...
...I'm slow.
And large.
And a dork!
I'll do anything! Anything!
Come here. Come here for a second.
Sit right here.
No problem.
All right! All right, let's go, team!
If someone gets injured,
we could see a lot of minutes.
I'm a cheerleader.
Mr. Commissioner, the place is sealed off.
Listen. After meeting with team owners...
...I decided that until we can guarantee...
...the health of our players...
...there will be no more
basketball this season.
Just get out of my way.
Let's go!
Are these the best seats?
Like them!
Can see everything from here! Very good!
Ready to go?
Yeah, sure.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...the starting lineup for...
...the Tune Squad!
Standing 2 foot 4...
...The Wonder From Down Under...
...the Tazmanian Devil!
At small forward...
...standing a scintillating 3 foot 2...
...The Heartthrob of the Hoops...
...Lola Bunny!
At power forward...
...The Quackster of the Courts: Daffy Duck!
Thank you! Thank you!
Very funny.
Let's all laugh at the duck.
And at point guard...
...standing 3 foot 3,
4 feet ifyou include the ears...
...co-captain of the Tune Squad...
...The Doctor of Delight:
Bugs Bunny!
Thank you! Thank you!
And now...
...the player-coach of the Tune Squad...
...at 6 foot 6, from North Carolina...
...His Royal Airness:
Michael Jordan!
Is he a Looney Tune?
I'll take it to the rack.
They'll wish they never were born!
Guys, let's just go out and have fun.
The challengers for the Ultimate Game...
...all the way from Moron Mountain:
The Monstars!
Go Monstars! Go Monstars!
Go Monstars!
What are you looking at?
Cool shoes.
I got it! I got the ball!
Way to go!
Did you see the moves on that one?
Come on. Show me something!
The duck!
Oh, my!
She was wide open.
Watch the screen!
Watch out!
Get him!
How did he do that?
Nice shot, Mr. J.
Let's play defense.
Way to go!
Air J!
Red light!
Feed me!
Feed you?
Feed me!
- Bad old putty tat!
- I'll take that.
Don't try this at home!
"I wish I was in the land of-"
Going somewhere?
May I remind you, sir...
...that physical violence is
patently against the rules!
Did you order Original Recipe
or Extra Crispy?
Let's go.
I'm ready. I can do this.
You picked the mouse?
I love basketball. I always have. Do you?
I bet you're good.
I'm small, but I try hard to be good.
I always try hard.
My mom says, "Try your best-"
Try to get by me, doll.
Don't ever call me...
..."doll. "
Nice shot.
There's the defense boy. I got you.
Pie? Pork chop?
Sorbet, perhaps?
Holy Putty Tat!
We're better than them.
We got them.
Moron Mountain, here we come.
We're going to be slaves.
There's a whole other half to play.
It's the boss.
Hello, Mr. Swackhammer!
All right.
Not bad for the first half.
But we must keep this up.
No problem.
We stole talent from the NBA players!
From the NBA!
Shut up!
I smell something.
We've been playing hard.
Not you, you idiot!
It's coming from over here.
That locker.
It's the chubby boy!
It smells like


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