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Wanna-be! Be gone!
Just a few more tests.
Electrolyte levels,
glucose, CBCs, RBCs, etc.
And we've scheduled a stress test...
...and neurological battery
to include EEG and...
And this girl...
...five feet nothing, blocked my shot.
When did you first have this dream?
It wasn't a dream! It really happened!
It climbed up my back...
...and into my brain.
Are there other areas...
...besides basketball...
...where you find yourself...
...unable to perform?
Just asking.
I've been MRl'd, EKG'd,
x- rayed, laser beamed...
I'll never swear again.
I'll never get another technical.
I'll never trash-talk.
I've got other skills.
I could go work on the farm.
Or maybe I could go back to
the jungle and be a missionary.
What are you saying?
That I'm trying to disobey my mama?
You said that, not me.
I love her.
Still can't find anything wrong!
Maybe nothing's wrong!
Maybe it's just in our head.
We're fine. It's psychosomatic.
Or has to do with the moon.
I'll never date Madonna again.
What are you doing?
I'm fixing a divot.
He's fixing a divot!
Has anyone here ever played basketball?
I have.
I'd like to try out.
Hi. My name is Lola Bunny.
My name's Bugs.
You want to play one-on-one, doll?
On the court, Bugs.
She's hot!
I got it! I got it!
That girl's got some skills.
Don't ever call me...
..."doll. "
Nice playing with you.
Very smooth.
She's obviously nuts about me.
Mais oui.
Where's the ball?
Let's do some drills.
Can anyone lend me some sneakers?
Someone must get my gear
from my house.
Your house?
In 3-D land?
Whatever you do...
...remember my North Carolina shorts.
Your shorts? From college?
I wore them under my Chicago Bulls
uniform every game.
I washed them after every game!
I did!
The view back here stinks.
We're in front of his house.
I knew that!
Let's go in this way.
I say, let's go in that way!
He just never learns!
Let me see.
I must be very, very...
Nice digs.
Well, well. I wonder who that could be.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Everyone's sleeping!
I knew that.
Come on, we must find
Michael's basketball stuff.
Nope. Nothing in here.
But a very nice dinette set.
Not here.
Let's look upstairs.
Yes, Oh, Fearless Leader.
So, he needs his special underwear.
You think she's got enough toys?
Speaking of toys,
you know all those mugs and...
...lunch boxes with our pictures on them?
You ever see any money from it?
- Not a cent.
- Me neither.
It's a shame.
We need a new agent.
We're getting screwed.
We've found the trophy room.
Spread out and search the place.
Yes, sahib.
Oh, brother.
Here I am, in the peak of my form...
...playing second banana to
some sort of harebrain...
This could be useful.
If this were a union job...
That's very nice.
- I could use this.
- One of his shoes.
Where is the other shoe?
Where are you?
Come to Papa.
What a fuzz-foot. You are so clumsy.
Time to go.
Did we get everything?
The shorts!
In there?
Okay, I'll check.
I found the shorts.
The pain!
I'm right behind you.
That's not reassuring.
Nice puppy.
Want a bone?
No dice.
How about a nice ham?
Can't we talk this over?
Down, Beethoven.
The kids are here.
Give it.
Thanks, kid.
Bad dog!
That is the last time I'm ever
working with dogs or children.
Where you going?
You see, the Looney Tunes have a
big basketball game coming up and...
- ... your dad's playing.
- All right!
Yeah! But don't tell anybody!
I see aliens.
Little aliens from outer space.
They forced their way inside your bodies.
They need your talent to win a...
...basketball game against...
...Bugs Bunny.
I also see Michael Jordan...
...being sucked down a golf hole...
...by furry creatures.
That's it. We're going.
We're leaving.
Let's try acupuncture.
Good idea.
This is it! This is it!
I don't know


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