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Космический Джэм

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It's the boss.
Hello, Mr. Swackhammer!
All right.
Not bad for the first half.
But we must keep this up.
No problem.
We stole talent from the NBA players!
From the NBA!
Shut up!
I smell something.
We've been playing hard.
Not you, you idiot!
It's coming from over here.
That locker.
It's the chubby boy!
It smells like a...
You guys need a publicist?
I can make you big.
- I know we're down.
- Let's hear the story.
I've been here before.
We can still win this.
It's not over. We must come together.
We must believe in ourselves.
That'll help us.
Looks like Stan had a close
encounter with a bug-zapper.
The Monstars!
The Monstars!
That must hurt.
The Monstars!
The Monstars...
...stole the talent from the NBA players.
So that's what happened to them.
I think we should qui... qui... forfeit.
Listen, I didn't get dragged down
here to lose to ugly Monstars.
I ain't going out like that.
We're letting them push us!
We must fight back!
We must get right in their faces!
Are you with me or not?
Finished? Great speech and all.
You had them riveted.
But didn't you forget something?
Your secret stuff!
Nice deltoids!
Play along.
Stop hogging it.
We're teammates!
Secret stuff?
Secret stuff? You wouldn't
hold out on us, would you?
I didn't think you needed it.
You're so tough. You're competitive.
We're also chicken. We need it bad.
- I'd like some of that.
- Could I have a sip, please?
This goes against everything
I learned in health class.
Do you want to win?
Bottoms up.
How about we go out
and kick some alien butt?
How about it? Ready?
Coming through!
Special delivery!
Nice kaboom.
Let's teach them a lesson.
Nice butt!
Going up!
Hello! A little surprise for you, my friends.
2 points.
This will be good.
Okay, birdie!
Time out!
Shut up, get away from me. Powwow!
We're right back in this game.
Let's play tough defense.
Why didn't you get him?
He's a baseball player.
A baseball player.
Looks like a basketball player to me.
Me too.
He's the one I want for Moron Mountain.
Are you talking to me?
Yeah, I am. You want a piece of me?
Come and get it!
What do you have in mind?
What about we raise the stakes?
If we win, you give the NBA
players their talent back.
But what if we win?
If you win?
You get me.
Good deal.
Doc, you think that's a good idea?
You'll be our star attraction.
You'll sign autographs all day long.
And play one-on-one with
the paying customers.
And lose.
Do we have a deal?
I don't think you should do this.
I have faith in my team.
Crush them!
Defeating time, boys.
But, Mommy,
I don't want to go to school today.
I want to stay home
and bake cookies with you.
I'm open!
Heads up!
Belly flop!
Oh, my!
Is this your man?
You okay?
Me? Oh, yeah. I'm fine.
Are you okay?
Thank you.
It was nothing.
That was the nicest thing
anyone's ever done for me.
Time out.
I could have been a contender!
The Monstars! The Monstars!
I could have had a V-8!
We need a fifth player.
You got any more secret stuff?
I think it's starting to wear off.
It didn't wear off. It was water.
You guys had the "special stuff"
inside you all along.
Yeah, I knew that. But you got any more?
Can I have some?
- Stan?
- Me?
You're center.
Just guard the big guy.
Guard him? I'll smother him!
I'll be all over him like a cheap suit!
I'll be on him like stink on rice!
He's going down!
Over here!
Over here!
I'm open!
Nice shot!
Big man, ain't he?
Let's get him out of here!
Oh, my!
How'd he do that?
Anyone can do that.
Even you.
Watch this.
No sweat. This is Looney Tune Land.
10 seconds to go?
Thanks for telling me, doc.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
Your Airness...
...but if you don't find a fifth player,
your team will forfeit the game.
Precisely, Sir Altitude.
No way. We'll find someone.
I didn't know Dan Ackroyd
Космический Джэм Космический Джэм

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