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Космические дальнобойщики

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And my constituents
All the people of the system
Saggs? E. J. Saggs?
I thought the president's name
was Dobey
Dobey is the former president
He resigned last week
The government's been privatized
We know who you are Saggs, ok?
You sent those things to Earth
And you cost us a good rig
And you almost got us killed
about 50 times
Take it easy
You are talking to
the president here
I'll grant you
there've been mistakes made
And there've been lies told
But I assure you
whatever you've been told
I was not aware
and I was not involved
You were not aware, right
Could it be that some individual
in the company
Just overreached himself?
He sent these things to Earth
as a kind of insurance policy
In case the merger task broke down
But I wouldn't like this sort of
rumors to be circulating
During the crucial days
of my administration
Or... Ever
No problem
Just so happens there's
a new rig ready to take off
And it's waiting for you there
on Gantry F
What do you think you
are gonna do?
Buy us a tuna fish sandwich?
I've also arranged
To have your mother's hospital
bill taken care of
Hold on a second
For your other troubles...
Maybe this will compensate
to some small degree
We didn't do what we did for money
Money doesn't fix anything
You have our cooperation
and our silence sir
Good. Good
Well, I must run
Remember our hush-hush
Yes, sir
Thanks for everything
Mr. Independent
What was that about?
You're gonna keep this?
No, we're not gonna keep it
We don't want no part
of that money
You guys could really
use that money
Getting married and all
We don't want that kind of money
You two don't get it do you?
If you don't take this money
And shut up about what happened
They're gonna come after you
And you'll disappear
Now you got to take it
We got to take the money
We got to take this
And become company butt boys
for the rest of our lives
I want to make sure
that you understand the facts
You're gonna take it, John?
Are you gonna take it?
No, but I don't want you
to end up like me
God forbid
Somebody fried Saggs
You know, I think it was us
Oh, my god
We'd better get out of here
Come on
Too bad Saggs blew himself up
We've never got to thank him
for the new rig
Alright, here we go
I've never done this before
Any chance I'll lose my lunch?
You'll be fine
Космические дальнобойщики

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