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Космические дальнобойщики

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exactly made
for the space
It's made for reading
under the blanket isn't it?
This thing doesn't work
until they're all grown up
Let's... get back outside
and wait for them
Come on...
Everything ok back there?
We don't know yet
I can't see anything
Isn't that supposed to be
four of them?
Where's the other two?
Cindy, put your spacesuit on
They are headed toward the cab
Do it, John
Freeze them
Do not damage or destroy
your means of transport
to Earth...
It's programming
They can't break their truck
John, he's got a Swiss army knife
Shit, man
Cooking time estimated 45 seconds
Next time there's gonna be eight
We'll go into the Earth orbit
So when I cut the load loose it
will drop them in the atmosphere
And incinerate those mutant guys
I want the two of you to get in
the escape pod and get out of here
No, we'll go with you
You ain't being asked
Mike, you drive the pod
So what's the plan, John?
Well... I'm gonna try to
free the cargo
Blow it if I have to
Then I'm gonna ride the rig down
John, the goddamn rig will never
make it to the atmosphere
Get serious
Kid, this is a Pachyderm 2000 rig
It was mine before you were born
I know what it will do
Now I've got something
to say to both of you
Cindy, I'm releasing you
Of all your obligations
to marry me right now
I want to apologize
for the way I've done it
It weren't right
And I guess I've been jealous
Since I saw the way you two
behave to each other together
John, you don't
have to apologize really
I don't do it so well anyway
Probably because
you've never done it before
My advice to you is you take
this woman to the church
At the first exit off the freeway
and you get hitched
You are a lucky man
Alright, partner, kick butt
We're about ready here, John
How is it going buddy?
Oh, it's hanging by a thread
I'll have it cut in no time
I can practically kick it apart
No sign of any genetic deal
So go on, get out of here
John, I figure we'll try for
the Palmdale spaceport
You can bring your rig in there
Yeah, it sounds good
I'll see you there
Betty, how much time
before we hit the atmosphere?
32 seconds, freight driver
Entering the atmosphere
Had enough for you?
There he is
Look, Mike, is that smoke?
It's bound to be smoke
The seal's burning off
Come on, John, come on, baby
Come on... He's getting closer
He's gonna make it
He's gonna make it
Here he comes
My god
My god, Mike
Hey... Look here
You are married yet?
Good to see you
We interrupt this program
for a special news update
Two space truckers and a waitress
Have saved the Earth
from the invasion from outer space
The three of them discovered
They were carrying
an army of robotic warriors
Sent by persons unknown
to conquer our planet
I have Mike and John here with me
Oh, just a second
Would you like us to come back
when you're more recovered?
No, I'll be right with you
Sit down
Can we get you anything,
Mrs. Welch?
Get this Mike, call me Carol
This is Mike
Mike yeah, welcome to the family
This is John
Oh yeah
You are Carol Welch?
Cindy is your daughter?
This Cindy?
What? Do I look weird
or something?
You look great... and beautiful
Like a picture I saw of you
But the picture was taken
twenty years back
Could somebody tell me
what's going on here?
You see when I got sick
they offered me a choice
Die or get frozen
Anyway, I got the deep freeze
They thawed me. They cured me
Here I am
They froze you?
Well, there's a lot of
fancy names for it but...
I don't look freeze or burnt do I?
Not from what I can see
Special agent Ridgid
I'm taking charge here
What do you want?
Pat them down
I'm head of presidential security
We'll secure this room
for presidential visit
The president?
The president of the world
is coming here?
Mr. President...
Ok, Ridgid, move along
I'm President Saggs
I'm here to express the gratitude
of my
Космические дальнобойщики Космические дальнобойщики

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