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I've got to tell the captain
John, we've got to do something
What do you think
they're doing to her up there?
It's not the first time
she's doing it for the team
You wanna lose that?
It's gonna give me nosebleed
It's my good-luck charm
I never take it off
Just close your eyes
and think of Brooklyn
You bitch!
Nothing personal
You've just made the
biggest mistake of your life
Speak tough for a guy
who can't get up on his back
You'll never get off the ship
Yeah? Watch me
Mr. Cutt
There you are, Captain
Lou just went
looking for you, the load...
You want me to leave
Alright, Captain, ok
Back awfully quick
aren't you Captain?
She write you out?
Kill them, huh?
What? What?
You want to kill them, absolutely
You want me to cut them down?
You don't mind if I tenderize
them a little bit first?
You overblown cretin
Aren't you in need of some fixing?
I'm sorry you couldn't find it
in your heart to give me a chance
You could've been
my beloved concubine
Share my position here
I guess it was not
in my fortune cookie
Now all you'll share is my crew
312 of them in random order
But first, you can watch me
kill your friends
Or if you prefer
you can turn the other way
Do it
Captain, did it occur to you that
A load with that kind of
protection ought
to be checked out first?
After you, Mr. Cutt
Yes, sir
Right behind you, Lou
Come on, get in there
Holly shit
What the hell is all this junk?
These are my babies
State of the art
disintegrators, boys
This baby will bake a man
in 500 milliseconds
And leave his watch and
small change lying on the deck
Just... what have we got here, sir?
We've got Saggs
We've got E. J. Saggs
right by his shriveled scrotum
A little reprogramming
and the company is mine
Ours, if you will
And I'll feed Saggs' liver
to the ship's rats
Look at this. This one is missing
What's that do, Captain?
It's coming!
Kill it...
What the hell is going on here?
I don't know
but I bet we get blamed
Let's get out of here
Bite it deathnut, asshole
Get ready. Let's go
Five minutes to complete cool down
We ain't got five minutes
Fire it up would you, Mike?
We made it
I can't believe we got out
of there
I gotta say I'm
very very happy to be here
Godamn I am
Me too
Of course you always feel that
way after a near miss
It wears off
Attention, freight driver
There's a breach in the
exterior hull of container One
The pressure and oxygen
levels falling
We've got a vacuumed container
it's too bad
The load's perishables
always perish
Yeah, so forget it
Wait a second. Did somebody hear
something back there?
Does it sound like
something's back there?
I do
Bitching Betty, take over
Mike, suit up
Cindy, move over here
Sit here. You watch these gauges
You see a red light come on
You shout at me on the radio, ok?
I want you to elaborate
on your instructions
Bitching Betty
you hold the course toward Earth
You'd better keep this ok?
It's an SOS
Yeah, it can also be a trap
Light me
There's a flamer in my pocket
Maybe I should
get the first aid kit
Forget it
I cauterized the main arteries
But I don't have much time left
What happened back
there to Regalia?
They are activated to do
what they're programmed to do
You're one of the... our cargos
you know what's in them?
An army
I made them for the company
Genetically engineered
Biochemical super warriors
My babies... you can't stop them
There's got to be some way
to shut those bastards off
We're doomed
I'm afraid
If I had an anus...
I'll probably shit over myself
You got to tell us
how to stop these things
They activate in the waves
This thing here locks them up
You boys got a use for this?
He's gone
For a son of a bitch
gang rapist murderer
He died ok. Come on
John! Do it
I should go check it out in there
We need some light in here
I've got a flashlight
It ain't
Космические дальнобойщики Космические дальнобойщики

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