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Космические дальнобойщики

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guns better
Hook them up
This way
Where's Captain's equipment?
Over here
Manifest says they carry sex dolls
Thank you for apprising me
Mr. Cutt
I do know how much you like
to be apprised sir
You have been perspiring
It's about 170 in the cab
I compliment you, my dear
You have a strong, distinctive
And not altogether
unpleasant body odour
It's gratifyingly approachable
Captain we want to thank you
for saving us
We're grateful about it, thank you
I didn't save you
you company scumbag
I jacked your load
Whatever, we appreciate it
It's important that you understand
we do not work for the company
I want to know what your cargo is
Who's the shipper
and who's the consignee?
We don't know none of that
You're gonna kick yourself later
If you have trouble
to inform yourself
I'd have to slice off
your manly process
Is he talking about my dick?
Captain, we're just
independent contract haulers
We're trying to make a living
We don't ask a lot of questions
What we do know...
Is whatever's in those cars
is not something to mess with
Do I look like someone
to mess with?
No, sir
Like I have the IQ of
an egg timer?
I see high security double-duty
containers in your hauling
I'd say the pair of you
are company butt boys
If you want to hack off my dick
do it
And I'll change my name to Terry
or Lee or something neutral
That ain't gonna change
what I know
Your dick?
Is this your dick?
That one's mine
Ok, I'm gonna put some
Fermat theorem in my head
That takes between 8 and
17 seconds
And then we'll begin again
Captain's a genius
I was head of company's
research and development
Top man
Slotted for the big dogs
I was betrayed
by that bastard E. J. Saggs
Found out before he killed me
Made a mistake of having it done
in the laboratory
I was able to save myself
We create my body
You are a very attractive woman
In the normal course
of human affairs
You probably
wouldn't look twice at me
where are we going with this?
I'm going at the beauty
like other men
The beauty... beauty fills my
life's holes so to speak
Were you not chained to a major
support beam of my ship
I wouldn't stand a chance of
having sex with someone
As so alluring as you
Leave her alone
you half-wit asshole
He didn't mean that
He respects the brave way
you confront your disability
Kill him
Mr. Cutt
I've got to go to Earth
I've got to see my mother
So keep the load and
give us the...
I'll have sex with you
Right there on the floor
if that's what you want
I think we should prepare
to my quarter, my dear
John, we've got to do something
What are we going to do?
Just sit here?
Don't corrupt the right
to be indignant, kid
She's my fiance
What will make you
more comfortable, my dear?
I have seven different
forms of sedation
The usual pharmacology
Let's not fool ourselves, Captain
I just want to get this over with
I can accept that
However, I'm confident I can make
you a favorable impression
I rebuilt my own mind
So you got a homemade brain
I rebuilt everything
Every organ
I've made a low-amp
electrical wiring pulse
Designed to drive women
wild with pleasure
Stop, you're gonna make me puke
Quit talking or the deal's off,
Please allow me a few moments
To coordinate my seldom-used
reproductive sequence
Yeah, sure
Lou, this casing's made out of
some exotic alloy
This security seal, man
It's something new
I wouldn't mess with that load
It's bad. It'll eat you alive
My heart is racing, Mr. Truckman
Ok, Sam
Hit it
You alright?
The diamond blade just shattered
What the hell does that?
One of those things
We're gonna try something else,
What the hell is that?
Sam... are you alright?
What's cooking?
Something's cooking
What are you talking about?
Smells like somebody's
making hamburgers
Goddamn, Sam, it's you
What did I tell you?
Shut up
Космические дальнобойщики Космические дальнобойщики

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