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Космические дальнобойщики

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Ok, realize one thing
I'm engaged
It started out as a joke
John asked me to marry him
And I said sure
if you take me to Earth
It's total bullshit
A promise is a promise
John's a good man
I don't have to justify myself
to you or to anybody...
Ok, stop,
This is not gonna work
It's awfully warm in here
Toughly hot in here isn't it?
So let's take your clothes off
be more comfortable
Would that have been your idea?
It was my idea, so what?
I think it's a pretty cheesy way
to look at my fiance's tits
Knock it off, John
That's not what's
going on here at all
I got to hand it to you, Mike
king of the smooth dogs
"Oh, it's hot in here
your husband is outside..."
We're not married alright?
How about a guy who forces a girl
to marry him in exchange
of a lift?
I'd like to know what you think
Hey, stop it...
Stop fighting over a girl
Who's gonna be two scoops of ash
in about two hours
We're gonna die here, ok?
Why don't try for a little dignity
for a change?
I can't unhook the load
There's some kind of auto-defense
mechanism on the containers
Whatever's in them
ain't no sex dolls
A plastic date wouldn't
need that kind of protection
Yeah, tell me about it
So what are we gonna do now?
Why don't we divert the cooling
From the refrigerator
through the inside plumbing?
It's a great idea
It'd give us something to do
Pachyderm 2000 rig...
It don't have a refrigerator
Why the hell not?
Because it's an option
I don't buy options
Like it's either the suede seats
Or half tinted portative
silent suck toilets
I don't buy options
Ok, ok
But I did bring this
Suck a Zux
At least we've got some notice
It's the time to
prepare ourselves for the end
However you do that
Attention, freight driver
We've been approached by
an oligarch class passenger liner
Passenger liner,
we are being saved
There's likely to be some
conditions attached to that
Liner identified
former vessel A7 N843
Vanished 10, 24, 92
It didn't vanish. It was jacked
These guys are jackers, man
If it's who I think it is
Boy, you're lucky you're not
wearing those company pajamas
Come on, let's go
Get that hatch open, come on
John, how many guns you've got?
I'm not even sure
if this one works
They are here, man
If you're not gonna use it
give it to me. I'll use it
You're gonna make one of them
desperate lie-and-stands?
Say we know these scums
may have in mind for us
What do you think
they're gonna do to her?
Mike, there's not a lot we can do
We just hope our cooperative
attitudes are at our disposition
What do you have in mind, Mike?
We'll hold them off
as long as we can, then...
I'll save two shots for both of us
Great, yeah
Can you put that thing away
someplace safe ok?
We're not gonna let them take us
Give me the gun
Mike, I've got to go to Earth
If I got to wait and do nasty crap
I'm still going
Everybody, come on, move
We don't work for the company
remember that
We are friendly, friendly
Drop it
We don't work for the company
Over to the control panel
move it, now
We're going...
You're all prisoners of the
Regalia if anyone's curious
If you try to escape
you'll be killed
If you resist, you'll be killed
If you fail to obey orders
you'll be killed
What the hell
We'll probably kill you anyway
Alright, get them out of here
Come on. Move it. Get out
Get your hands off me
Move them out...
Come on
We don't work for the company
Move it
Come on
Ok, stay with me
Look at that
Salvage specialist
Shut up. What do you hold?
We don't know
I'm telling you we don't know
never cared
It's a mistake to give up caring
That's too much
Macanudo wouldn't like it
You leave the captain to me
My pleasure
Cutt, man
The manifest says what
they're carrying is sex dolls
Sex dolls?
What do you think
they are really carrying?
Gotta be something hot.
Drugs maybe
You like drugs or guns best, Lou?
Drugs man
I like
Космические дальнобойщики Космические дальнобойщики

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