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Космические дальнобойщики

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I've never seen trailers
like these before
They look kind of...
They look like
they've come a long way already
What do you think is in them,
I don't
Something really creepy
At maximum velocity
We'll still be 6 hours on the
wrong side of the delivery time
They can stand the ship being late
John, you wanna fill me in
on your plans
I don't ask yours
We're all in this
together alright?
I think you owe me and Cindy
the courtesy of an answer
Our system's functional
Pressure within acceptable range
Electronic systems to the full
John, the minute
we pull outta here
The transport troops are gonna be
all over us, you get that?
Now you just got to learn to
live with your fear
If it gets too bad, breathe into
a paper bag or something
Shut up
Crawl in the cell
You'd better power down, Canyon
I'm sorry, boys
I've got a priority load of
perishable goods here
It's not a request
We've got questions about Keller
Last time I saw him
He's being sucked ass first
into the outer darkness
John, I think these guys
are getting serious
We'd better stop
Not while I still
have the options open
All units converge
Abandon pursuit
Repeat, do not pursue
We can get them, damn it
The orders are to abandon pursuit
I love taking orders
Looks like we lost them
More like they stopped chasing us
That was some of the best driving
I've ever seen
Thank you
Just put the paddle to the metal
And pray for what's in your fate
Breakfast is ready
You guys up there, food's ready
Mike, Cindy, come on
Are we on time?
We'll make it
We left Spensinan
About six hours ago
What's this?
Saliva activated
cappuccino and eggs
Don't you like it?
What the hell is that?
Some kind of floating junkyard?
Welcome to the scum cluster
What the hell happened to them?
Asteroids killed them
Asteroids? Where are they?
Where are they?
Yeah, where are they?
Warning, density 10 asteroid field
Freight driver
You're approaching too fast
for evasive maneuvers
Don't make me tune you off, Betty
John, this shows a big cluster
coming straight ahead
I don't see anything
It's got to be malfunction, right?
It's the black rock
Drive yourselves in
I think we are clear
I've never been so afraid
in my life
Look out
Ok, Cindy?
I'm going for some light
How bad do you think it is?
It felt bad
Sure did
Betty, confirm what
I'm seeing here
Freight driver main and
secondary engines are down
Decompression inconsistency in a
component in direction control
Thanks, Betty
The internal pool system
has also shut down
You are welcome, freight driver
No chance of a fix?
After five-hour cool-down
We'll roast in here before then
It's getting hot in here
I think we've got two hours
before we burn up
Escape pod's no good
Too far away from
the nearest colony to make it
Anyway, it only holds two
What's that mean? We're gonna die?
There's always a chance
Our emergency beacons will
draw somebody before that happens
What do you mean somebody?
Sure, there's always a chance,
Always a chance
We've got a little juice left
in the parking rocket
If we can cut the load loose
We should be able to put ourselves
in the shadow of one asteroid
Yeah, that'd give us enough time
to fix the main engine
Let's go
It's a one-man job
Be careful
You were born on Earth, Cindy?
Yeah, New York City
That's technically a part of Earth
Earth, I've always
dreamt about going to Earth
It's great
You know... birds, trees
Those things living in the rivers?
Yeah, fish
My mother used to take me
to see them a couple of times
Earth is an amazing place
It's so hot
Do you mind?
I'll do the same
I feel so much better
John, how are you doing
out there buddy?
Some kind of automatic
seal deal here
I'm gonna try cracking it off
Alright, you do that
Let me know if I can help you out
Mike, we've gotta stop
Wait... wait
Stop, this happens all the
Космические дальнобойщики Космические дальнобойщики

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