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coveralls from ammos and supply
See you keep them clean
Pink, huh?
They are pink
Mike, congratulations
John, Mike got himself a new job
Normally we'd have some kind
of blowout... for that
But I see from your pajamas
whom you're working for
Which is nothing to celebrate
John, not everyone
can be independent
Not everyone
can drive their own rig babe
John, I'm sorry
about your losing your job
It's my only shot
I'm out of money.
I'm out of credit
Somebody's gotta
get these pigs to Titan
You took a fearless
world of inventory, kid
And then you took my job?
If you can live with that, great
But I don't have to
Now you hump yourself down
to the other end of the ball
Look, I treat you with respect
I'm asking you to do the same here
Keller's here
Look, kid
Your boss brought the circus
with him
We've come to pay our respect
The circus
A pair of trained turds
are right here
He's just blowing steam,
Mr. Keller
The Kev thing got people upset
Slam your teeth, Delia
I want you off this hub, Canyon
I like to oblige you
If you'd paid me
I'd be gone by now
We've fueled your rig
Now move your ass down there
and off this station
I don't work for you
Somebody said something?
You don't mess with me, Canyon
And you never ever
mess with the company
Now hold on, Mr. Keller
The man's with his rights here
Step off, kid
The kid's a real space lawyer
Get away from me, Canyon
Jackie, do something
Jackie, do something
My god, somebody help me
Somebody, please
Jack, come on
Grab him
No, Cindy, get out of here
Cindy, get out
Give me your hand
Come on
Let's get out of here
It's the wrong door
Get in now
John, it's the wrong door
Get out. What are you doing?
John, close it
It's occupied
Nice lady
Come on in the cubicle,
both of you
Alright, check the stall
Get out, what are you doing?
It's occupied
This wouldn't be a social call
would it?
It's always a pleasure to see you
Mr. Zesty
I need to get off the hub
I need a load
It's problematic, John
There are people who'd like to see
you put down like a diseased dog
Tons of people
How about I recite all the times
that I helped you out?
This and that... Here and there
And I should be the man to decide?
I shall open my heart at once
I do have something
Something unpleasant I fear
We'll take it
I'm his partner
Says who?
What? You're saying I'm not?
I lost one job because of you
you owe me
If I stay here, they are gonna
mount my ass on the board
You're a passenger, not a partner
So what've you got, Mr. Zesty?
It's a rush shipment to Earth
Two-day schedule
Containers to the lab
in high orbit on arrival
He said Earth
We'll do it
What's the cargo?
The manifest states...
Polymer sexual substitutes
Sex dolls?
They're providing 5 times
of the going rate
Providing all the people forged
of course
I said... done
I hesitate to caution
a man of your experience
But the consigners of this cargo
were most emphatic
That the delivery schedule
being adhered to
Don't temper with those containers
Is this gonna take long?
The troopers are all
over the place
No, I'm almost done
You see her coming?
No, you think the law grabbed her?
No, she'll make it
I like her
She's friendly
Yeah, she's got a kindly nature
You mind if I ask you
what the deal's with Cindy?
I don't get you
I think she likes me
I like to pursue her further
I'd like to know
if you're involved
If I get your drift
and I do get your drift
I must tell you that, Mike
A gentleman doesn't answer
a question like that
That's a no?
Sorry, I'm late
I had to give them
30 seconds notice
Here help me out
It's all right
Geez, my underwear
I haven't seen this before
It's a friend of yours?
Actually it's my mother Carol
It's taken before I was born
I can see where
you got your good looks from
Wouldn't mind meeting her
back then
Here we go
Космические дальнобойщики Космические дальнобойщики

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