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Космические дальнобойщики

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the job
I've taken that into consideration
That's why I'm willing
to offer you 1,500 credits
No, no... you owe me 6,000
You don't seem to get it
I've only offered you 1,500
out of impulsive generosity
I think it's time for you to leave
You are upsetting my pigs
Alright, Jackie
Go get him, Jackie
My pleasure
No... Jackie
That's not the way
to throw a punch in zero gravity
See, this is
the recommended technique
What the hell do you think
you are doing?
You are gonna pressurize the air
and kill us all
these hogs are company property
They belong to me until you pay me
Now get the hell off my rig
I'm gonna get a court order
you hear me?
You'll forfeit your right
of any payment
Do you hear me?
Hi, John
Got only four weeks this time?
Yeah, I got lucky
I picked up a load of
square pigs on Mars
Who is this?
The name is Mike Pucci
Let's not get ahead of ourselves
You are a space trucker, kid?
Not yet
He's taking a solo today
Give me a hamburger well done
and a French fries
What kind of rig you're driving?
Pachyderm 2000
Pachyderm? Wow
So you've been driving
for a while I guess
It's hard to beat
that old lion kid
Student Mike Pucci
report to area T
That's me
Wish me luck, Cindy
Good luck, Mike
See you
Who's the kid? To you I mean
The customer, like you
I didn't always
use to be just a customer
Sorry, new rules
They're recycling
all leftovers ok?
Screw all that cheap bullshit
I don't like it better than you do
But I can't afford to get fired
especially now
What's going on?
Well, you know
my mother's on Earth right?
Maybe you mentioned it, yeah
She's gotta have an operation
and it's really serious
And I promised that
I'll be there with her
That's right, I'm sorry
So when are you leaving?
Leaving? You know what it takes
I'll have to pull double shifts
here for over a year
To get on my way out of here
Let me ask around
see what I can come up with
You are a good man, John
But you are not a company man
They only give Earth errands
to company people
And none of them has the balls
to risk taking me
I would give anything
You know what I want
How many times I proposed to you?
I think you left out a few
Last couple of times
you were pretty loaded
Tell you what,
you agree to marry me
I'll get you to Earth
Yeah right
It's a deal then?
John, you get me to Earth
And if you still want to marry me
when we get there
I'll do it
Alright, alright
I'm gonna get back to work
Sonic pig
Cool, man
Get the toll truck ready
I'll unhook the load
and meet you there
Hey, John
Still working independent, John?
Still own my own rig
pick my own loads
And don't sell ads space
on my tits
if that's what you're
talking about
You're back for Kev's funeral?
I didn't hear it
In his load
he got into the scum cluster
Not much of it came out
Hijackers killed him huh?
And then some
Who do you think got him?
There's this Captain Macanudo
That guy's a damn depraved animal
Captured Kev's load
All they sent back was his dick
Using a tennis ball for the coffin
Cremation would've had more
dignity if you ask me
Anyways, John, we're planning on
having a wake after the service
You held Inter Pork hogs?
Yeah, they are my hogs
until I get paid for them
Jesus, look at that
Some piece of garbage
wrapped in human skin
Is trying to jack my load
You want to see me, Mr. Keller?
Yeah, I understand you just
graduated from space truck school
I need someone to
push a shipment of square hogs
To Little Chicago on Titan
Square pigs?
Isn't that John Canyon's load?
It's Inter Pork load
I fired Canyon yesterday
You got a feeling about that
one way or the other?
No, I barely know the guy
Cause it's about 1,500 out of the
freight push so you want that job
Yeah, I'm the best
Your potential is frightening
You want the job?
I'll take it
Pick up your pink
Космические дальнобойщики Космические дальнобойщики

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