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Космические дальнобойщики

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Move, I want to see a weapon here
And a weapon there
Sergeant, split your squad
Set your weapons for close range
Laser sight interlock engaged
You ready to seal the room?
System's armed, sir
ready on your order
Prepare to seal the room
on my count
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Attention, all personnel
The room is sealed
I repeat: The room is sealed
Control two to the commander
I'm sure an intrusion is beyond
parameter three
Moving to check it out
Sector parameter three, scanning
Sector... I see it
Open the fire now
Nabel, this thing's been spotted
in target already
Frankly, I was expecting more
The company's expecting much more
Mr. Saggs, you'll just be patient
Must have missed
Holly molly, I'm taking shots here
Let me out...
AAV13, do you copy?
We've just lost contact
with command post three
Outside the second parameter
This is commander
We've lost contact with post three
Can you drop them some
temporary communications gear?
Screw that command
You didn't lose contact
you lost them. Over
Put rockets in that area,
hear me? Over
Check your goddamn screens
Where is he? Nabel
He's on his way
Move your armored personnel...
East sector to the west
keep them moving
Lost two sensors
What the hell is that?
Air 4, what the hell's
going on out there?
What are those explosions?
How many
are these things out there?
We need to attack
One. Repeat. One
We took a hit...
It passed
We are meat...
Alright, everybody, stay cool
Holly shit, it's right outside
Stay cool...
Do it! Everybody, fire!
Hold your position...
This exercise has concluded
Security stand down
How many people know about this?
I'm the only one with the
complete picture, Mr. Sags
I split development between
divisions and different planets
That's why it cost so much
Yeah, it was expensive
Nabel, with enough of these
we can take over the world
Which world?
Earth, Nabel
The government has been hanging
by the thread for years
With a hundred of these...
How many have we got?
You astonish me!
A particle weapon
Nobody within five years will
have anything remotely like it
This thing turns them on and off
You want to activate them
You just click here...
And tell them your objectives
I've assigned your voice as the
primary command of authority
Nabel, you are a genius
I'm proud of you
The company
will be very proud of you
If circumstances only permitted
I'll greenlight one great
hellacious bonus for you
And a promotion right on the spot
But with our objectives on Earth
You can see how that precludes it
I see
I know you would
After all, you are a genius
Of course
this all has to be deniable
From which you can unfortunately
infer that you too...
Have to be deniable
Destroy Dr. Nabel
Here approaches heavy freight
PKF 946
Requesting clearance
in the Inter Pork dock
PKF, reduce speed to 1,500
And contact the controller
on the designated frequency
This is John Canyon
Inbound from Mars City
Call Inter Pork
I've got 147 trailers
Of Martian genetically
square jacked up hogs
Which I naturally want to dump
as soon as possible
You got the dock open?
Canyon, this Keller of Inter Pork
packers dispatch
You are two day past due
You got my regrets, pal
Do you want those hogs or not
Mr. Keller?
You get them into C Dock, Canyon
Park your load and park your mouth
Bitching Betty
I'm checking on the cargo
As you wish, driver
Magnetic floor activated
How are you all doing?
You like that don't you?
Everybody happy?
So where's my beer
and when do I get paid?
You can unhook your rig, Canyon
Stop by the office in half an hour
I'll give you a check
I'll unhook when I got my money
no offense
You know that's not company policy
I know that
That's why it's my policy
not to unhook until I'm paid
You are late, plenty late
Didn't I apologize?
I got the hogs here in good shape
I did it as quick as I could
You knew my rig was slow
and you hired me for
Космические дальнобойщики

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