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Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе

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this straight narrow line
upon the fluffy snow?
This is a mouse,
in a burrow.
Who drew out
this wily zigzag
in the empty field?
It's a Hare,
tried to throw me off his scent.
On the fragile snow crust,
who signed herself with a swoosh
and vanished?
A crow.
flew away...
Wow... someone here made a great unholy mess.
Maybe it was... a bear?
this was done by Man.
Only a very wild Man acts like this.
Now, my master treats nature with care.
Give me your next riddle.
Now the riddle gets harder.
Try to remember, Dog,
whose track is this?
This was a Quagga.
I've never seen her.
Today her name is forgotten.
You will never see this small, cheerfull equine.
Even in a zoo.
She was very trusting,
and approached Man on her own.
Man, heartlessly,
only for sport,
forever severed her track
on this Earth.
This is why today, there is a Red Book.
What is a Red Book?
Here are written the names of plants, birds,
and beasts whose tracks
may sever at any time.
I think I'd better write my name
in the White Book.
Like that.
This is not a Cat.
Here's who it is.
Let your footprints always be in the White Book,
And mine too.
The Dog returned to the cave,
and before anything else,
checked if the bone that
had been buried was whole.
The bone was whole.
But the Dog meticulously sniffed
out the whole cave.
Then it circled a bit.
I think you know how this is
done by all dogs everywhere.
And... went to sleep.
But the Woman...
let loose her dense hair,
painted yellow clay on her face and hands,
took a sickle
and went out into the pre-dawn twilight.
she devised this,
she created this,
she sung this,
the world's second Singing Magic.
O, my peer, the Sun
Everything alive rejoices when
you appear in the sky.
You are far, but your
beams reach the Earth.
Everything you prepare is so wise,
and so beautifull.
And you have a servant - the Wind.
You raise flowers,
and the Wind disperses their seeds...
You feed animals,
and the wind blows away the remains
You give warmth to birds,
and the wind disperses their feathers...
O kind and caring Sun,
Choose for me from your golden herds
a servant as true as the Wind.
Let him fly without wings,
through the limitless forests,
through the high mountains,
through the limitless fields.
At that time, there,
in the wild and tall grasslands,
all the wild animals gathered together
and listened to the distant
echo of the Woman's voice.
The wild Horse inhaled the scent
of fresh hay with his nostrils,
and said:
O my friends, and my enemies,
I will go, and see,
and say
why Wild Dog has not returned.
Cat, come with me.
No. I am the Cat.
I walk by myself.
The Wild Horse proudly shook his head,
and went alone!
Thank you, oh Sun!
Near the meadow, Wild Horse
became fearful and decided to go back.
the magic scent of the fresh hay
called out to him
and beckoned him.
Wild thing of the wild woods,
what do you want?
O, my enemy and wife of my enemy
where is Wild Dog?
you did not come here for Wild Dog,
but for the sake of this aromatic grass.
That is... true.
Give it to me to eat.
Wild thing out of the wild woods,
bend your wild head and wear what I give you
and you shall eat this wonderful
grass three times a day.
said the Cat through her whiskers,
this is a very clever Woman,
but she is still not so clever as I am.
O, my mistress, and wife of my master,
for the sake of this wonderful grass,
I will be your servant.
said the Cat,
that is a very foolish Horse.
More than once will he regret this.
And the Cat, freely,
all by herself,
went among the tall, dense grass
listening to ripples,
But the Woman
took the Horse by the headcollar,
and led him behind her, to the cave.
What is Wild Horse doing here?
What is Wild Horse doing here?
His name is not Wild Horse any more,
but the First Servant
he will carry us from place to place
Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе

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