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Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе

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your hands.
Food must be thoroughly chewed.
And the Man, for the first time in his life,
ate his fill.
And fell asleep.
And the Woman...
Let loose her dense-as-midnight hair
and painted red clay on her face and hands
She devised this
She created this
She sung this;
the world's first Singing Magic.
Oh Fire, my protector...
you're quiet...
when you simmer under the ashes...
You're mighty...
when you awaken and rip apart the darkness.
Oh, creator of hearth and home.
Give me a loyal friend.
Let his heart be as hot
as is yours, oh Fire!
Let his tongue be as red
as is yours, oh Fire!
Let him bite painfully my enemies
as you bite, my protector Fire.
Oh, Great Fire!
With the dark mother, Lightning!
Connecting the sky with the earth!
Before your minuscule sparks...
tremble the great Giant Trees!
And when you go to the forest,
for your big hunt,
all wild animals run from you!
They run from you!
At that time, there,
in the wet and wild forests,
all wild animals gathered together
and gazed at the distant fire smoldering in the cave
And stepped into the
Moon's light Wild Horse,
stomped his hoof,
and said:
O my friends, and my enemies,
Why is the Red Flower
glowing in that big cave?
What harm will it do us?
But nobody, nobody among the wild animals
knew the answer.
But Wild Dog smelled...
the smell of cooked meat.
I will go,
and see, and investigate,
and find out.
I think this is...
I think that this is...
not bad...
Cat, come with me.
I am the Cat.  I walk by myself,
and in completely different places.
And Wild Dog went by himself.
But the Cat said to herself,
through her whiskers,
All places are alike to me
Why should I not go as well,
and see everything,
and look around everywhere,
and come away when I want to?
At the very mouth of the cave, Wild Dog
became fearful and decided to go back.
What is this?
But the magic smell of the
cooked meat called out to him
and beckoned him.
What is this?
Thank you, oh Fire!
Wild thing of the wild woods,
what do you want?
O, my enemy and wife of my enemy
what is this that smells so
good in the wild woods?
Wild thing out of the wild woods,
taste it.
Try this.
O, my enemy and wife of my enemy,
give me another.
Help my Man to hunt through the day
and guard this cave at night
and I will give you as many
roast bones as you want.
said the Cat through her whiskers,
This is a very wise Woman,
but she is not so wise as I am.
O, my friend and wife of my friend,
through the day I will help your Man to hunt,
and at night I will guard your cave.
said the Cat,
that is a very foolish Dog.
More than once will he regret this.
Take it.
This is how the first bone was buried.
The Dog, for the first time in his life,
was completely full.
And what if my stomach explodes?
But he remembered the dark nights
in the darker-than-dark forest.
I can't leave it.
how he howled from hunger
and shivered from cold.
Maybe I should hide it?
And he walked around the whole cave
Just try and find it.
and found a concealed corner,
and buried the last bone.
I'll mark where it is.
That is how the first bone was buried.
What is Wild Dog doing here?
His name is not Wild Dog anymore,
but the First Friend,
because he will always,
and always and always,
will be our friend.
Take him with you,
when you go hunting for food,
but not for amusement.
Search, Friend.
But the Cat...
all by herself,
walked atop the trees.
listening to intangible wild sounds,
intakes of breath,
Look, the tracks of wild animals
are left here.
And if one knows the snowy grammar,
it's possible to solve everything which
is written in the White Book of Nature.
The Dog is running across the snow
reading the White Book.
There are tracks in the Book,
these are the letters.
And the animals,
those are the words.
Behind each phrase in the book
hides a live soul.
Guess, Dog,
who left
Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе

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