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Королество кривых зеркал

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Important Minister!
The key!
Have you seen the King's pages here?
The key!
Listen carefully.
You got it?
Hurry up!
Ice-cream! Soda!
It's an emergency!
What happened?
My daughter has managed to lure
the King's pages into the castle?
That's my girl!
- Someone has arrived.
- Big deal!
- We'd better look.
- I'm sleepy.
Come on, let's run!
Where are they?
Good girl, Elitper.
- Elipter?
- Reptile.
You look so dirty!
Just like you!
Those rascals have stolen the key
to the Death Tower.
They looked suspicious to me, too,
- We must jump.
- Let's hide in there.
It's too narrow, and we've eaten
so much. That's all because of you!
- There they are!
- Hold it!
Why were you in your way to Daot?
To pay him a visit!
He's our grandfather!
- I won't tell you the truth!
- You won't?
Let me go!
Throw this urchin
into the dungeon!
Let go!
You're hurting me!
You trash!
Naughty boy!
You'll come to your senses
sitting in the dungeon.
I must go to Daot at once!
Have them bring my carriage.
The royal carriage.
Isn't it somewhat premature?
I'll accompany you,
Your Majesty.
Give the orders.
Etik the First!
The King!
Where's Olia?
Where are you, Olia dear?
She's dead!
Why don't you say something?
Are you guarding those barrels
with wine?
Don't get the idea that I want
to taste your wine.
I like only sodas.
Please, say something,
because I'm getting very scared.
Why do you keep silent?
Is it empty?
Open up!
She's alive!
The key!
Uncle Evals!
Does it hurt very much?
Don't you beat your servants?
We have never had and will never have
What country do you come from?
From the best country.
There's no better country in the world!
And where's your sister?
- We're boys.
- No, you are not.
Have you been told
or you guessed yourself?
I guessed it.
Are you going to tell anyone?
What do you need my key for,
Important Minister Etik?
You see,
Most Important Minister Daot,
the King's key has disappeared.
So, I'm the only possessor
of the symbol of royal power?
We need a new king!
I agree, we really need
a new king.
Anybody there?
No, nobody.
I had no doubt
that you'd be my ally.
Certainly, my dear Etik.
Well, to our success.
To success and trust.
To trust.
Give me the key, then.
No, I won't.
Yes, you will!
No, I won't.
Yes, you will!
No, I won't!
You will, fat toad!
A mouse!
The key!
The key!
Hurry up!
Uncle Evals!
Uncle Evals!
Hurry! Hurry!
Make way, father!
Watch out!
Out of my way, you scrawny carrion
The key!
The key!
Have you lost it again?
The key!
Hurry up!
Just a sec.
How absent-minded you are!
By the way, I'm just
your reflection.
You may pass!
- You're free, Friend!
- Who are you?
We're your friends.
She's Olia, and I'm Ailo.
Ailo. Olia. Friends!
The key!
In the name of the King!
Let me pass this minute!
What is it?
When our scout group's on march,
Behind, my friend, don't lag,
For we must always stay in touch
With our vanguard flag!
Like early morning sun at dawn,
Alight it's over your head.
In the air it proudly soars on
And beckons us ahead!
And our hearts beat up with pep,
And lighter feels one's bag,
More lively getting our step,
Because we have our flag!
Like early morning sun at dawn,
Alight it's over your head.
In the air it proudly soars on
And beckons us ahead!
Shut up!
And should at you some hardship nag,
You cheer up, my friend!
You just remember our flag,
Go on, march to the end!
Like early morning sun at dawn,
Alight it's over your head.
In the air it proudly soars on
And beckons us ahead!
So much for my reigning!
Aunt Lesaew!
Aunt Lesaew!
My dear little pheasants!
Now I'm going to tell on you,
Torrap 77.
Don't! Don't!
All right, I won't be a tattletale.
Grandma is here!
What happened?
Thank you, Grandma.
My precious one!
It's just like in a fairy tale!
Ailo, look, it's
Королество кривых зеркал Королество кривых зеркал

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