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Королество кривых зеркал

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- Kills instantly.
My Queen!
I agree to everything.
You look like very nice boys.
But you must be terrible liars
and scoundrels, aren't you?
Can you keep a secret?
Swear before the only straight
mirror in the kingdom!
These are arithmetic test problems.
My courtiers are all fools.
I want to glorify and immortalize
my name.
If I can count all the mirrors
in the kingdom,
my descendants will always
be proud of King Torrap 77.
- Proud of who?
- Me.
Would you agree to participate
in solving this problem?
We would,
but on one condition.
How dare you to make conditions
to a king?
Your Majesty!
It's a teeny-weeny condition.
Speak up.
A mirror-maker, Dneirf,
is incarcerated in the Death Tower.
We ask you to pardon him.
I can't pardon criminals.
- He's not a criminal!
- He's a real friend!
Can't pardon him.
- Then postpone the execution.
- For a few days at least.
Will you agree then to be
my scientific arithmeticians?
Hold it.
Yes, no, yes, no...
I agree!
The mirror-maker Dneirf's execution
is to be postponed!
The mirror-maker Dneirf's execution
is to be postponed!
Your Majesty!
- To pick one's nose...
- ...is not proper.
Everything is proper for a king.
Why was the mirror-maker Dneirf's
execution postponed?
Such was my wish.
- What?
- My royal wish.
- Your royal wish?
- Yes.
How dare you?
Get out of here!
Your Majesty, have you forgotten
the history of your royal family?
To become the queen, your great
grandmother had her sister executed.
But your grandfather took the crown
from her
and confined his deposed mother
to a convent.
Your father executed your grandfather
only to sit on the throne
for 77 days.
Just seventy-seven days.
And you, if I'm not mistaken,
is the seventy-seventh?
What a coincidence.
He was found dead in his bed.
And your mother became
the Dowager Queen.
Your elder brother succeeded him
as a king.
But he wouldn't listen to
his ministers' instructions.
Remember what happened to him?
I'll refresh your memory.
He went to the mountains and...
fell down the precipice.
After that you got the crown!
But crowning you,
we hoped
you won't forget
the dismal fate of your forbears.
What do you want me to do?
Never pronounce the words:
"such is my wish"!
You have to follow our wishes,
the wishes of the richest people
in the kingdom.
What do you mean, "uhu"?
Everything is "uhu"!
I "uhu" to everything!
That's better.
Stop! Stop them!
The mirror-makers started making this.
- Straight mirrors?
- The people see the truth!
And at a time like this you postpone
the mirror-maker Dneirf's execution!
Execute him! Immediately!
The key!
Take this symbol of
royal power!
Where is it?
That's them! The pages!
Catch them!
- The key!
- In the name of the King!
Give him the key, quick!
I think I've lost the key.
- You lose everything!
- Just like you!
- We're the King's pages!
- The key!
Are you playing statues?
Olia, it's not my fault.
Let's go to Daot, quick!
He's got the second key.
I'm thirsty!
I'm hungry!
Stop it!
The King's pages,
How did you get here?
We're going to Daot.
To Daot?
It's a long way!
What for?
Come to my place.
I'll treat you to yummy things.
I'm hungry!
And thirsty too!
- Let's drop by.
- Stop it!
We can't be delayed, miss!
Ice-cream, cakes, sodas!
- Sodas!..
- Sodas.
All right, but just for one moment.
I won't keep you long.
You're getting old.
Getting clumsy.
My dear Evals!
What are you doing?
- What do you mean?
- You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
You mean, because I hit the servant?
You were brought up in a very strange
Tar, treat His Majesty's pages
to some good things.
- Tar?
- Rat.
- Why are you whispering?
- Oh, it's nothing.
Come on in,
I'll treat you to a feast.
What do those nasty boys want from
There must be some secret.
I must inform my father immediately.
The key!
I'm the King's
Королество кривых зеркал Королество кривых зеркал

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