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Королество кривых зеркал

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sticky spots
Not to be removed, of course!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Take your clothes off!
Jam! Jam!
Have you stripped, my little brats?
It's not easy to wash you, I deem.
That's the way only silly cats
Get themselves embroiled in cream.
All right, little pheasants, now you
are going to be the King's pages.
- You remember everything?
- Yes, everything!
You won't get mixed up?
Keep your eyes open.
Look, the key!
- You ought to be ashamed of yourself!
- It's black, anyway.
- Beat it from here!
- Midgets!
We're not midgets!
Change of the Guard of Pages!
Change of the Guard of Pages?
Change of the Guard of Pages!
The key!
There come the tattletales.
- We're done for!
- No way!
Naughty boys,
is everything ready for the appearance
of His Most Royal Majesty?
We don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
Pages are supposed to know everything!
And we don't know everything yet.
You're probably new here?
Yes, we're new!
His cleverest, wisest,
handsomest, chicest Majesty,
King Torrap the Seventy-Seventh!
- Which one?
- Seventy-seventh!
Where's the Dowager Queen?
Resting after the grand promenade.
- And the Marriageable Princesses?
- They too.
What is it?
The promenade.
I always said... what?
Fresh air
is bad for your health.
- He's so stupid!
- Just like our parrot.
I invited you, ladies and gentlemen,
in order to...
To solve a most intricate
mathematical problem.
One hundred squares have
one hundred mirrors each.
How many mirrors in all?
- How many mirrors?
- The menu.
The King's menu.
I asked you, how many mirrors?
I feel shy.
How charming!
Turn away!
Arithmetic came hard to me
when I was a child.
I guessed so.
I learned to count only up to...
Up to three?
- How much is two plus two?
- Three.
And five minus one?
You're thrice the dolt!
You're absolutely right,
Your Majesty!
How many?
- How many mirrors?
- Two hundred.
- And what do you think?
- Four hundred!
You too!
Unbelievably stupid.
And what do you think,
Masters of Ceremonies?
We believe, Your Majesty,
it's four hundred and a half.
We think
that if four hundred isn't correct,
than four hundred and a half
would be correct.
You're fools with a half,
my dears.
This 77th one is as dumb...
as an ox.
You believe so?
I'm sure.
But that's a top state secret.
I'm as mute as a fish.
I got to go.
I'm not keeping you.
Anyway! One hundred squares
have one hundred mirrors each.
How many mirrors in all?
How many mirrors?
You. How many?
Come on, speak up!
How many mirrors?
As many as you wish.
- Ten thousand!
- Who said this?
I did.
It's correct!
I swear by the beauty of my reflection,
it's a very complicated problem!
It's not complicated.
You didn't have enough time
to add up all the hundreds.
I didn't add up,
I just multiplied.
What do you mean? Just multiplied?
What's your name,
great mathematician?
- And what is your name, page?
- Ailok!
Don't shout!
- What name is that?
- Not in our files.
- Ailok is Kolia read backwards.
- How charming!
So you're backward?
Are you a mathematician too?
Yes, we're twins.
Listen all!
I appoint Kolia
the Most Scientific Mathematician
of our kingdom,
and Ailok his Most Scientific
Mathematician Assistant!
I won't keep you any longer,
ladies and gentlemen.
Masters of Ceremonies!
Away! Shoo!
Out of my palace!
Pages, I want to let you into
our important state secret.
The beautiful Elipter!
What would you like?
I'm listening.
I must let you into
an important secret of our kingdom.
It's interesting.
His Majesty Torrap 77
is a perfect fool.
Even babies know that secret.
It's time to replace the king.
By whom?
By a new king.
Or, perhaps, by a queen.
I agree.
Don't trust my father.
He himself aspires after the crown,
but without you or me, dear Daot.
He likes sodas, doesn't he?
Yes, he does.
Королество кривых зеркал Королество кривых зеркал

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