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Королество кривых зеркал

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s right.
And you're on your last legs,
You're wrong.
We're third-grade pupils.
Third-grade pupils?
That's right.
Well, look in there.
What are you going to say now,
old hags?
proceeding in the grand promenade
are Her Majesty the Dowager Queen
and Their Highnesses
the Marriageable Princesses!
Who let the cats out?
These are our Barsiks!
That's them! Make them into soap!
What an embarrassment!
A scandal!
Where are you going?
You won't get away from me!
We're going to teach you a lesson,
- Dneirf?
- Friend.
Don't dare beating the child!
Stop it!
You can't beat children!
The Important Minister Etik!
- Etik?
- Kite.
- What's up?
- Mister Important Minister!
Dneirf refuses to make
crooked mirrors.
- He refuses?
- Yes, sir!
Shake him well!
- Good for him!
- He's a real boy!
Why won't you make crooked mirrors?
Because they're lying!
Shut up!
No, I won't!
In the name of the most royal of kings,
King Torrap,
throw Dneirf into the Death Tower!
Let's go to the palace, to the king!
We'll demand that Dneirf be set free!
Let's go.
That's where the king must live.
Look at those giants!
They're probably sick.
My dad calls people like them
loafers and idlers.
- Who?
- The king's dancers.
- Where?
- To the king!
- Why?
- For the ball!
You may pass.
Shall we try it too?
Let's do it.
- Who?
- We.
- Where?
- To the king!
- Why?
- To talk!
No children under 16 are admitted!
Just like at the movies.
What an appetite King has!
Our king just loves to eat,
Cooks prepare all kind of treat!
All day long they fry the steaks,
All day long they bake the cakes,
Cooking chickens, cooking ham,
Cooking pheasants, cooking lamb,
Pickles, jam, sweet and sour,
For the king all to devour.
Oh, I wish that first...
our king should burst!
Olia, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty.
Stop it! They're taking
foodstuffs to the palace.
- So what?
- You'll see!
- Who?
- The king's carriers!
- Where?
- To the kitchen!
- Why?
- Foodstuffs for the king!
You may pass.
- What's that?
- Forty pairs of pheasants.
The most grown, most ripe!
You yourselves are ripe already,
my dears.
Where are you going? Enough for today.
Aren't they good!
Those, too.
This will do.
Not bad.
Look at those pheasants!
Baby pheasants.
We're not pheasants!
- Not baby pheasants!
- What are you then?
We're girls!
And how have you gotten
in this basket?
We lost our way.
Lost your way?
Do you know what happens to those
who come to the palace uninvited?
We know.
They say it so matter-of-factly
as if I asked them whether
they knew their names!
- Lesaew?
- Which means, Weasel.
The pheasants!
They haven't been plucked yet?
Nor drawn yet?
I'll send in kitchen help and...
I'll do it myself,
pluck and draw them.
And you better rest meanwhile,
sleep for an hour or two.
A good idea.
I'm going to have a nap
for an hour or two.
It was a near escape!
Get up, my little pheasants!
We must rescue Dneirf.
It's very difficult to rescue Dneirf.
What are we going to do?
There are only two keys
to the Death Tower.
One hangs over the king's throne.
Take us to the throne.
No one will let us enter
the king's chamber.
And the second key?
The Most Important Minister Daot
always keeps it with him.
- Daot?
- Toad.
That's right, he looks like a toad.
All green.
Now is the time of changing
the Guard of Pages.
Which guard?
The most important King's pages!
Skimmings! Jam's skimmings.
Olia! Look!
Lots of jam!
What are you doing?
Let's take just one jar.
The smallest one.
Follow my example.
You see, I'm coping.
Come here!
Watch out, mice! A cat is coming.
Please, sirs, the most important
king's pages!
Hurry up, little pheasants!
That's what happens to those
who have a sweet tooth!
Look what happens to those
who have a sweet tooth!
Oh, boys!
What are we going to do?
Is there out any course?
Those greasy,
Королество кривых зеркал Королество кривых зеркал

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