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Корабль чудовищ

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They'll tear everything apart! Let's go!
I'm scared.
We're in danger Laureano.
We have to fight.
If it came between me dying or the town dying...
well, hopefully no one needs to die, death is ugly.
Anyway, it doesn't matter, I have someone to cry over me.
You think they're there?
I believe so.
The entrance is nasty looking, wonder how we'll get out this.
Hold on, don't get ahead of me.
I'll go in.
I'll come with you.
I'll be right back.
On this planet the male takes charge.
Shoot them. You'll have to finish them all off.
Well, no way around it, gonna take em out.
No, careful, his fangs are venomous!
Try to get him to poison himself!
I'll call Torr for help!
So is it a horse?
Bring it on then!
Let go, let go, fight like a man!
Careful Gamma, a vulture's heading your way!
You're gonna die from your own poison.
Bad idea to have hollow fangs.
Where is Laureano?
Get me out of here!
Help me!
Wow, he ate him!
Now you're jumping to conclusions, he didn't eat me, just covered me.
Where are they?
C'mon, lets get out of here before the rest show up.
They're all finished.
All of em?
Well, I should go bring Ruberto and show him that they were all here.
Well, maybe I shouldn't go.
If they don't believe my well crafted lies
they're gonna believe these ugly truths even less.
But anyway, we took em all out!
And just so there's no loose ends...over here Tractorr.
Here we go, a lil flame.
I have failed, Regent of Venus.
How is that?
Torr the robot has all the events recorded.
He shall take the craft to Venus.
What's the meaning of this?
Just like you heard regent-lady.
Venus should solve its own problems and leave the Earth in peace.
The Earthlings are good people and are happy here.
Besides, they know love.
The robot will let you know about that.
It's the most lovely thing in the galaxy and the universe.
I'm staying here.
You can't do that!
I'm sorry. Goodbye.
I knew you were world class!
Thank you star, you gave me more than I asked for.
And now...
Don't complain Laureano.
Well, not complaining at all...
The End
Корабль чудовищ

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