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Корабль чудовищ

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Sure man! My house is full of those things, I smack em around with my shoes.
Believe me this time, really this time, believe me.
Sure, why not? I believe you're full of it!
You don't believe me either?
Don't believe me?
No one believes me!
I swear that the monsters are just outside!
We gotta finish em off or the devil'll take us!
Bring him to me.
Calm down Uk, he's not yours! Go!
This night we'll destroy the nearest settlement.
I want to unlease a wave of death and terror.
Afterwards we'll fly to all the settlements.
The Earthlings will have to choose between
being our slaves or perishing!
I like you more and more.
I admire you and am proud to be by your side.
No Uk, down!
Leave her Uk, don't touch her!
Leave her I say.
Calm down, we shouldn't fight amongst ourselves.
Now we have more important things to do.
Kickin up dustclouds, gonna get a lil drink
I come to town to tell my story
with his eye wide open
even above his eyebrow
I saw animals that don't belong
neither here or in Texas
You know how they're always braggin they got the biggest stuff in Texas?
Shut up, if they saw that animal they'd fall right to the ground outta fright.
They were like some kind of juiced up steroid filled monkey on pro-vitamins.
I told Ruberto.
And what'd Ruberto say?
Oh Laureano, you're drunk, buck up lad
if you saw what you saw, dont you chicken out if you're a man
That's just what he said?
So you're afraid?
'Course I am! They're not make believe, they're flesh and bone, solid bone!
Venomous spikes on that bone, and an ugly face to boot, who'd wanna fight that?
I'll help you!
Don't help me, that way you won't bother me.
So now tragedy's door is open
and I know I'll be fighting til I die
though I feel bad for Ruberto
cuz I know he'll die first followed by his city council
Well, there we go.
Better if you head home cuz these days I got a monster magnet
so strong that everywhere I go I run into them.
But I see one of em already!
That's nice, now head home, you're wasted.
But I see him, look! Look, he's lovely!
Let me introduce you to Tractorr.
Where am I?
I got frozen stiff as a statue but I didn't see my
life flash before my eyes so I guess I'm not dead.
Who gave me a mickey?
You are my prisoner.
Your prisoner? Wow, I must've given off the wrong impression,
I always had eyes for you, so why the sudden change?
Things haven't changed.
This was always my plan, to do with you as I please.
Well, uh, would I be wrong in saying that these things
aren't about what just one person wants?
They both have to want to.
And me, well, I don't like you in that way,
I mean, I like you, but as a sister in law.
If you want we could go tell-
Hey, where'd you bring me?
To our interplanetary craft.
Oh boy.
So you're from another world? From a distant star?
From Venus.
Venusians? I thought you were white girls or something.
Look, you have a really heavy stare. I can feel it going
right through my eyes and whacking me in the back of the head.
Cut it out or I'm gonna go home.
Don't be dumb.
Soon the entire planet shall be in my power and
maybe you'll have the fortune to share it with me.
I will be a queen.
You wanna make me a king? Well, it could be of
hearts, spades or jacks, not diamonds, don't like those.
Hey, cmon, don't do that. Remember I'm taken.
Don't tell me you're gonna cause problems already.
I'll give you time to think it over alone.
There we go, the Tractorr's here!
I know what he's up to now though.
Knock me out again and-
Where am I? Huh...jail?
And why are you here?
Laureano, you're going to hear unbelievable things, but they're true.
Tell me.
Laureano, I'm not from this world.
Yes, I was thinking that exact same thing, you fell from the heavens, right?
Yes, that's right.
Exactly, because you're an angel.
I'm telling you,
Корабль чудовищ Корабль чудовищ

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