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Корабль чудовищ

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Let's go, we have much to do.
But you are admirable.
Did ya hear?
Sounded like a train, huh?
But it hasn't come through here for three years.
Maybe the circus has gotten to town.
Yeah, that must be it.
Huh, whats this now, was there a cyclone or something?
Must've been some damned strong wind, knocking over doors and all.
Hey Lolobrijida, still as dry as ever?
Let's say goodnight
Lolobrijida, you took me too seriously!
I was talking about milk when I was you were dry, not meat.
Who's the funny guy who tore her apart?
And why are you crying man, tell me who it was!
How should I know?
Well, yeah, you were with me.
l left here alive and well and they didn't even leave her tail.
Bring me a lamp! This won't end here!
Yeah, demon dogs, you must be very happy, they left lots of bones for you!
And they left me without Lolobrija.
There we go, you left a trail!
The bastard who killed my cow looks like he's barefoot.
I'd say his feet are too big to be from around here.
No problem, I'll follow him anyway.
Should I come along?
No, you stay here and tell Gamma when she gets here that I won't be long.
Keep watch.
Which way?
Every way.
Poor Lolobrijida, had a good appetite right to the end.
Look up every once in a while.
What for?
So you don't twist yourself around.
Looks like he jumped here.
Did he fly? Nah, he's too big, no way he could fly.
Looks like this is his spot though, he's bound to come back.
Damn peel eyed owl! Go scare people somewhere else!
I don't have time for you?
Could he be a kangaroo? Nah, there's no pouch trail...
Again owl? Get out of here man!
Where were we?
Trail ends here...
Damn, looks like he wants a fight now.
Who's there?
Who's that shouting over there?
Oh brother, you're an ugly one, looks like they carved you out with a hatchet.
Anyway, don't try to scare me, you should've the fright this owl just gave me.
I was sitting right here and-wait, who are you brother?
Hey now, that game's too rough, who's gonna pay for that horse?
Finally noticed, huh? Stop screwing around and get rid of that mask or hood.
You know, I'm starting to think you're not friendly.
Now you'll see what it's like to have me as an enemy.
Here's a warning shot!
Well, you asked for it.
So bullets don't do a thing? Hand to hand then animal!
This is an uneven fight...
Who are you?
Why do you wanna fight?
See, talking is the way people understand each other.
Let's have a lil conversation. Who are you?
Ruberto? Rigo Perez?
I forgive you killing my horse!
But who are you man?
Well if you wanna scare me this bad I better oblige you.
Bunch of rebels without causes around here...
Hey now, don't gang up!
Into that log, c'mon hands and feet!
St. George bless me and protect me!
Who could those costumed thugs be?
They'll see, the time for arguing is over Laureano!
Outta my way!
Gimme a beer with a lil something to soothe the nerves.
This ain't a boutique Laureano.
You set down the beer and the tequila and I'll mix it myself!
What's up? Looks like you saw the devil himself.
Where's Ruberto? Ruberto! Where's he at?
Hey now, you're hurting my ears man.
Ruberto, you got work out here that'll last you all your whole time as sherrif
and if you manage to pull it off you could expect to become local magistrate!
What, your bandits back?
Nah, I can handle bandits, it's monsters, big big monsters!
And what monsters Ruberto!
C'mon, have another drink and quit yanking my chain.
Listen to me or I'll think you're chickening out.
There was 4 of em, one with only one eye, but very watchful,
marked everything. Always open, always open!
Hey now, how could that be?
Ruberto, remember Rosa, that girlfriend you had?
Deep set eyes, heavy eyelids, her eyes never shut even when she was asleep?
Just like that, but more in the middle and spiky!
No way, what else?
He had eagle feet and went-
Like a lion, really! Like a lion!
Sure, and he had scales like a fish.
You saw him
Корабль чудовищ Корабль чудовищ

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