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Корабль чудовищ

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What do you mean-
What's going on?
Man, now I'm tellin lies to myself looks like, and in bulk!
Laureano, you have to admit you have good taste.
The males are in hibernation.
When will they be in condition to begin the return trip?
Before the next solar cycle.
The robot captured on Palis, the dead planet, is making the repairs.
He's incredibly able.
Good. Take care of the males.
I should inform you that on this planet there are males very similar to our species.
Capture the most beautiful one bring him back.
We've located him, when the craft is ready we'll trap him.
Understood, good luck.
The radiation is increasing.
Take him away Torr.
He's a male, a strange and terrible one, but a male nontheless.
We've kidnapped him and we shouldn't victimize him further.
Very well. You're the leader.
We'll put them in a secure site while the repairs are finished.
So what's going on Lolobrijida, what's new?
What? Speak up, I'm feeling a lil off today.
What? You wanna sleep in the house?
Nope, you're sleeping in the barn tonight, cuz tomorrow
I want cold milk and alot of it, you've been dry lately.
Well, it hurts my heart to tell you, but if I don't, who will?
They'll be safe here until the ship is ready for takeoff.
It'll be a good hiding place.
Torr? I need to speak to them. Unfreeze them.
Uk, enough!
Men of the planets, I ask you to hear me.
The craft that was taking us to Venus has suffered an accident,
but soon we will be ready to resume the voyage.
We don't want to go to Venus.
We're free men of the galaxy, we demand our liberty!
I follow the orders of the Council.
You are Venus' guests. I'm sorry.
Guests? Prisoners, you mean.
You've had the nerve to kidnap us and freeze us.
I am Tawal, Prince of Mars, and I shall never forgive you.
Me Uk, me King Fire planet! Me free!
I am Crassus of the Red Planet and I will devour your
entrails by the light of Utare and its 7 moons.
You don't have the right to take our freedom.
You can't control the atom.
My race lost their material form but we lived on regardless.
Our visage as well as our power is terrible.
Give us our liberty and none shall harm you.
On Venus you shall be free and happy.
Torr? You must hurry with the repairs.
And now to our most agreeable prey.
Huh, what's this? Weren't you figments of my imagination?
Pardon us, can you tell us how to get to town?
You want to get to St. Ignacio the Greater or the Lesser?
I don't know, wherever there's lodging.
Well, in St. Ignacio the Greater there are no hotels and in
St. Ignacio the Lesser there aren't even hostels.
In neither.
Well, we have to find something while the rest of the circus shows up.
Yes, the best in the world.
Well, come in to this poor and modest home.
One side you, come in, come in.
Well, let me introduce myself. Laureano Atreviсo Gomez,
son of Old Laureano who married Mother Dubijes
when I was about to be born.
And with whom do I have the honor of speaking?
And you live here?
Well, just my brother Chuy and I, say hello Chuy, don't be a bumpkin.
Chuy Treviсo Gomez.
Are there animals?
Yes, they'll arrive in 2 or 3 days.
They'll arrive with the tents.
That's terrible! Where will you be staying until then?
Well, that's the problem, we still don't have lodgings.
Well, if you want to stay here, though there being two men rumors will spread
well, let me talk, better than sleeping in the woods, right?
I mean, with the cold and all, you might get rheumatitis, and
that'd be a shame with such a pretty walk and all.
So...will you stay?
We'll stay!
You don't know how grateful we are for you letting us stay here.
No reason to be grateful, to the contrary! I might be able to offer
the comodities that you're used to.
Well, that's no reason to worry, we have a friend that will take care of everything.
Damn, well...I don't think I have a bed or cot for your friend...
Let me call him.
Huh, so is that a telephone or something?
Here's our
Корабль чудовищ Корабль чудовищ

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