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Корабль чудовищ

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split in two, and bam, right between the eyebrows.
Both of em?
Well, one flinched a lil and I got him in the eye.
You should've seen how he cried, and since he only
had one eye it was more of a trickle than tears.
And that wasn't all, with all the noise from the bullets the dinosaurs woke up!
Now you're just talking gibberish.
When have you seen dinosaurs in Chihuaha?
Go to the big lumber yard just as the sun comes up,
near the north side and you'll see, its infested.
Infested with dinosaurs!
Well, small dinosaurs, not too much grass to eat near there.
But fine dinosaurs, boneless, wonderful plumage.
There I was, in a crowd of dinosaurs, all crowded up very friendly-like
and there was a 16 point stag with black hair and blue eyes!
A black haired deer?
Didn't you say it was a deer?
Just let me tell the story.
Anyway, I approach the bear-
With blue eyes.
French bear.
I pointed, got closer-
With what weapon?
With a stick!
You're telling me that you attacked him with a stick?
No, the stick was to move the branches.
See, you move the branch and there's the bear.
But don't run, get close to him, eye to eye, breath to breath,
and once you're close, throw crap in his eyes.
And where would I get it?
At that point you'd be swimming in it Ruberto.
Anyway, so there was this 16 point stag-
The bear.
The deer dummy.
I got my .30 carbine-
Didn't you say you were weaponless Laureano?
Let me tell the story Ruberto.
I aimed and at 1000 meters I got him in the hoof, the wrist and the ear!
And how'd you manage that?
I got him while he was scratching.
I'm sick of this, you're just a liar!
I bet you don't even know how to draw your gun!
Know what? I'll even let you draw first?
Hey man, wait! Both of us together. He's cheating!
However you want it.
Heart or head?
Don't shoot man, don't shoot!
Don't get so puffed up Ruberto, it doesn't become you.
Even less now that you're losing weight.
I mean, c'mon, you're just a whistle, a sigh, a wisp.
You're dehydrated even.
Anyway, don't take it like that, lets have a drink like friends.
It's cuz you're always making up stories man.
Get us a drink!
Let me see-
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
So how many drinks have I had?
Man, I can only handle 4, at 5 I'm overdrawn, I'll be seeing real dinosaurs soon.
What do you mean, real? The other ones weren't?
I mean, dinsosaurs with bones. Those are the kind that'll eat you.
Anyway, time for me to get going, I'll drop by some other time.
A human being!
Like us!
The kind that no longer exist...
Over there maybe.
Hey hey, you cowardly animal, it's not like you saw-
Looks like you screwed up star, I only asked for one.
What am I supposed to do with two?
ooo, ooo, uh, no
Eenie meenie miney moe.
Why don't you speak to me in spanish?
Are we on Antarssis 135-sub-2?
Antarssis 135-sub-2? Nah, I think that's a cotton camp
over near Torreon, now you're in Chihuhua, Mexican Republic.
Mexico, Mexico, Mexico.
Mexico, Land of God.
And in Chi-
Mexico: Semi-tropical country situated between the north and central meridians.
For all they've tried the Mexicans haven't been able to destroy it.
Races: White mixed with Indian. Area: 2 million square kilometers.
Population 30 million, people are hospitable and gracious, but hot-blooded.
huahua, where the people are fine and valiant, with big hearts.
Room enough for all the ladies.
And all the men are like you?
Well, what should I say?
Well, the rest of em can take care of themselves.
I have to say that I'm of the finest stock.
Well, what street are you looking for?
What town are you from? Or are you with a circus?
And wh-
Circus: A popular human diversion. Men and animals interact here.
Animals do human jobs and humans do animal jobs.
Like so.
ere is it at?
The tents should be here soon.
Goodbye and thanks for everything.
Now wait, hold on, don't flake out on me, why you going so soon?
We can't stay.
Корабль чудовищ Корабль чудовищ

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