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is it another one of your cons?
Go look for yourself.
You've waited 20 years for me, Lu...
what's another 20 seconds?
- Lucifer.
- This world is mine. In time.
You, best of all of us, Gabriel,
should understand ambition.
Son of perdition.
Little horn.
Most unclean.
I do miss the old names.
Time to go home, son.
I will smite thee...
in his honor.
Looks like somebody doesn't
have your back anymore.
Yeah, what do you want? An extension?
The sister...
What about her?
Let her go home.
You're willing to give up your life
so she can go to heaven?
Fine. It's done.
Time to go, John.
The sacrifice.
No. This one belongs to me.
No. You will live, John Constantine.
You will live.
So you will have...
the chance to prove...
that your soul truly belongs in hell.
Oh, you will live.
You will live.
Thank you.
No problem.
You don't deserve to be human.
Do you want revenge?
Is that what you're thinking right now?
Do it.
Do it.
Seek revenge.
End my life.
Go on.
Be the hand of God.
It's your choice.
It's always been your choice.
That's called pain.
Get used to it.
You could've shot me, John!
You chose a higher path!
Look how well you're doing!
Nice spot.
I have something for you.
Something tells me
you're not a flowers kind of guy.
Oh, how thoughtful.
why are you giving me this?
Hide it.
Somewhere no one
will ever be able to find it.
Not even me.
Always a catch.
I've got some cleaning up to do.
see you around.
I'd like that.
I guess there's a plan for all of us.
I had to die...
just to figure that out.
Like the book says, he works his work
in mysterious ways.
Some people like it...
some people don't.
You did good, kid.

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