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That's a word for it.
Holy shit. You're Papa Midnite,
aren't you?
And how exactly do you intend
on getting close enough to use these?
Well, they did not leave her unguarded.
Half-breeds are most vulnerable
when their outer skin is breached
by holy water.
Certain objects, most notably
either of the two crosses of Isteria,
have been used by even
the unordained to bless
commonly occurring waters,
even rain.
Maybe if...
There's no use sitting on the bench
if you're not ready to play, right?
You wouldn't have one of those
enchanted crosses here in a cabinet,
maybe we could take with us?
Look, John, no offense, I just don't think
that it's a great idea, you know...
you going on a solo mission
to save the world. That's my vote.
I don't know what pops thinks,
but that's...
Take him, John. Kill him after.
If you get back, see me
about membership. Maybe.
Okay. I will.
- What are you doing?
- Praying.
Praying. Okay.
Come on.
Half-breeds, right?
A birth like this, they're definitely
gonna be guarding her, right? Definitely.
We can get through them. I mean,
that cross has gotta work, right?
It's not always like it is in the books.
What is that?
You know what to do.
I'm okay.
One last show.
My name's John.
You are in violation of the balance.
Leave immediately...
or I will deport you.
All of you.
Go to hell.
Holy water?
Angela, what is it?
Get it out.
Get it out.
Get it...
Oh, my God.
Not bad, kid.
"Not bad." You hear that?
You know why that is? It's because
this is Kramer. Chas Kramer, ass...
You're right, John.
It's not like the books.
it isn't.
Into the light, I command thee.
Into the light, I command thee.
Into the light, I command thee.
Into the light, I command thee.
Your ego is astounding.
And the wicked shall inherit the Earth.
You judging me now, John?
Betrayal, murder, genocide,
call me provincial.
I am simply seeking to inspire mankind
to all that was intended.
By handing Earth over
to the son of the devil?
Help me here.
You're handed this precious gift, right?
Each one of you granted redemption
from the Creator.
Murderers, rapists and molesters,
all of you, you just have to repent
and God takes you into his bosom.
In all the worlds in all the universe,
no other creature can make
such a boast, save man.
It's not fair.
If sweet, sweet God loves you so,
then I'll make you worthy of his love.
I've been watching you for a long time.
It's only in the face of horror
that you truly find your nobler selves.
And you can be so noble.
I'll bring you pain.
I'll bring you horror.
So that you may rise above it.
So that those of you who survive
this reign of hell on Earth
will be worthy of God's love.
you're insane.
The road to salvation begins tonight.
Right now.
I know I'm not one of your favorites.
I'm not even welcome in your house.
But I could use a little attention.
Come forth.
son of Satan,
I unleash you unto this world.
What took you so long?
Hello, John.
John, hello.
You're the one soul
I would come up here
to collect myself.
So I've heard.
You mind?
Oh, go... Go right ahead. I've got stock.
Coffin nail.
Very fitting, John.
You know, when you cut too deep,
you cut the tendons...
finger movement goes
out the window.
Let me help you.
I've got a whole theme park
full of red delights for you.
Well, aren't you a peach.
I didn't think you would
make the same mistake twice.
And you didn't,
did you?
So how's the family?
Family's doing just fine.
Busy, busy, busy. Need a vacation.
Word is that kid of yours
is a chip off the old block.
Well, one does what one can.
He's in the other room.
Boys will be boys.
With Gabriel.
No accounting for taste, really.
They have the Spear of Destiny.
"They have the Spear of Destiny."
Константин Константин

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