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When you were kids.
When you'd spend every second
with each other.
You'd start a sentence, she'd finish it.
You'd get hurt, she'd cry.
That was a long time ago.
- That kind of bond doesn't just disappear.
- There is nothing here.
- Hey. Come on.
- She planned her death in this room.
She thought it up right here.
Right where you're standing.
She knew you'd come. She counted
on you to see what she saw,
feel what she felt,
know what she knew.
- What did she do, Angela?
- How should I know?
- What did she do, Angela?
- I don't know.
- What would you do?
- I don't know.
What did she do, Angela? You know
what she did. What did she do, Angela?
You know what she did. What are
you afraid of? What did she do?
- What did she do?
- I don't know!
When we were girls...
we would leave each other messages.
In light.
In breath.
On the windows.
John, there is no 17th act
in Corinthians.
Corinthians goes to 21 acts
in the Bible in hell.
They have Bibles in hell.
Paints a different view of Revelations.
Says the world will not end
by God's hand,
but be reborn in the embrace
of the damned.
Though if you ask me,
fire's fire.
16:29, 16:30.
Oh, my, this is certainly not good.
"The sins of the father would only
be exceeded by the sins of the son."
- Whose son?
- But he can't cross over, B.
- Impossible to cross over.
- Whose son? God's son?
No, the other one. Devil had a son too.
Here it is.
This is the sign of Mammon,
the son of the devil.
Well, hold on, it says here...
- Beeman?
- Yeah.
Sorry, I'm...
I'm sorry, no, I'm right here.
It says Mammon has no patience
for his father's rule
and yearns to forge his own kingdom
of fire and blood.
Yeah. Mammon would be
the last demon we'd ever want crossing over
to our plane.
No, wait, wait, wait. I'm reading.
Seems to be a loophole.
Always a catch.
It says first Mammon would have to
possess a very, very powerful psychic.
- Isabel.
- But that wouldn't be enough.
To cross over, Mammon would need
divine assistance.
To cross over, Mammon would need
the help of God.
- The help of God?
- It says...
- Beeman?
- John, look...
I know you've never had much faith,
you've never had much reason to,
but that doesn't mean
that we don't have faith...
in you.
Beeman? Beeman?
Drive. Fast.
Wasn't just Isabel.
I used to see things too.
- you already knew that, didn't you?
- Go home, Angela.
I need to understand.
You don't wanna know
what's out there, trust me.
I'm stronger than Isabel.
Your sister embraced her gift,
you denied yours. Denial is a better idea.
It's why you're still alive.
Stick with me, that will change.
- I don't need another ghost following me.
- John, they killed my sister.
I'd trade places with her if I could.
I used to pretend that I didn't.
That I didn't see things.
by the time we were 10,
they started forcing her to take
and have treatments.
They would come for her
and she'd look at me,
and she'd say to me, "Tell them.
Why don't you tell them, Angie,
that you can see them too?"
But I lied.
I said:
"I don't see anything."
Until one day...
I finally stopped seeing.
I abandoned her, John.
I left her all alone.
I need to see what she saw.
You do this, there's no turning back.
You see them,
they see you.
So do I have to take the rest of
my clothes off, or can I leave them on?
I'm thinking.
On is fine.
- So why water?
- It's a universal conduit.
Lubricates the transition
from one plane to another.
- Now ask me if there's water in hell.
- Is there water in hell?
Normally, only a portion of the body
has to be suspended,
but you wanted the crash course.
Yeah, I wanted the crash course.
So, what's gonna happen?
Lie down.
- What do you mean lie down?
- You have to be fully
Константин Константин

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