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On the house.
All right, question. How much longer
do I have to be your slave, John?
You're not my slave, Chas.
You're my very appreciated apprentice.
Like Tonto or Robin.
Or that skinny fellow
with the fat friend.
Right. So then why don't I apprentice
something besides driving, then, John?
John? John.
I love our little talks, John.
May I take your coat, Mr. Constantine?
No, thanks,
I'm not gonna be staying long.
- How about you, ma'am?
- Oh, no, I'm not staying long either.
I really need to speak with him.
It's important.
First come, first served.
So you're rude no matter where you are.
- Father.
- Hi.
- You have news. Yes.
- Yes, I spoke with the bishop.
I know what you want, son.
Still keeping your all-seeing eye
on me, Gabriel?
I'm flattered.
Well, I could offer something...
...about how a shepherd leads
even the most wayward of his flock...
...but it might sound disingenuous.
She has to have a Catholic funeral,
Father. She has to.
- Angela, it's still
considered a mortal sin.
- She didn't commit suicide.
The bishop believes otherwise.
You know the rules.
Oh, rules.
This is Isabel.
God was the only one
she ever believed loved her.
I'm sorry.
I've been seeing some unusual
soul traffic lately.
You might consider
giving me an extension.
I could do your side some good
these days.
You still trying to buy your way
into heaven?
What about the minions I've sent back?
- That alone should guarantee my entry.
- How many times have I told you?
That's not the way this works.
Why, haven't I served him enough?
- What does he want from me?
- Only the usual.
Self-sacrifice, belief.
- Oh, I believe, for chrissake.
- No, no, you know.
And there's a difference. You've seen.
I never asked to see.
I was born with this curse.
A gift, John.
One that you've squandered
on selfish endeavors.
I'm pulling demons out of little girls.
Who's that for?
Everything you've ever done,
you've only ever done for yourself.
To earn your way
back into his good graces.
Impossible rules, endless regulations...
...who goes up, who goes down
and why.
You don't even understand us.
You're the one who should go
to hell, half-breed.
Why me, Gabriel?
It's personal, isn't it?
I didn't go to church enough,
I didn't pray enough...
...I was 5 bucks short
in the collection plate. Why?
You are going to die young...
...because you smoked 30 cigarettes
a day since you were 15.
And you're going to go to hell...
...because of the life you took.
You're fucked.
At least it's nice out.
He always had a rotten sense of humor.
And his punch lines are killers.
Constantine, it's raining! John! Hey!
Twenty-two women were found buried
in the assailant's back yard.
So much damage had been done
to the bodies, police had to match...
Police report she had been
physically penetrated...
...over 100 times and buried alive.
- Found locked in a storage freezer,
his head severed and his organs...
He stuffed Holly's body into...
- The bodies ravished by the unknown...
- He used a small handsaw...
Had nearly decapitated...
Even his eyes were gouged out.
I'm so sorry, Izzy.
Hey. Hey, buddy, got a light?
Should've minded
your own business, exorcist.
I know where you're going, John.
You're going to Midnite's.
You're supposed to wait in the cab.
It's a haven for those who rise and fall.
I remember reading about this, John.
- You read too much, kid. It's a bar.
- It's a bar?
It's a bar. Papa Midnite is a crusader for
good. He swore the oath of neutrality.
- John, the man's a legend.
- Yeah.
Can you please get me
into this bar, John, please?
I'm begging you, John, please?
- Sure, you can get in.
- I can get in?
If you can get in.
If I can get...? It's a bear, though, right?
Or two ducks in a cloud?
Two frogs on a bench.
Константин Константин

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