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It's your choice.
It's always been your choice.
Y eah.
That's called pain.
Get used to it.
You could've shot me, John!
You chose a higher path!
Look how well you' re doing!
Nice spot.
I have something for you.
Something tells me
you' re not a flowers kind of guy.
Oh, how thoughtful.
...why are you giving me this?
Hide it.
Somewhere no one
will ever be able to find it.
Not even me.
Always a catch.
I've got some cleaning up to do.
...see you around.
I'd like that.
I guess there 's a plan for all of us.
I had to die...
... twice...
...just to figure that out.
Like the book says, he works his work
in mysterious ways.
Some people like it...
... some people don 't.
You did good, kid.
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I think....
I think I found you one.
Look, I called you, right?
Soon as I couldn't pull it out myself,
I called you, John.
It's okay, it's okay.
We had to tie her down, okay?
It's okay.
This is Constantine.
John Constantine, asshole.
What the hell?
I need a mirror.
Now. At least 3 feet high.
Move! Go, now!
This is Kramer.
Chas Kramer, asshole.
What? Oh, this is Kramer.
Chas Kramer, asshole.
-Move the car.
Move the damn car!
"Chas, move the car. "
There, car's moved.
Lift it up over the bed.
Tie that end off.
Hennessy, over the top.
Close your eyes.
And whatever happens, don't look.
Show yourself.
Smile pretty, you vain prick.
For your boss.
Pull it!
Ma? Ma?
Like I said, I found you something,
didn't l, John? Didn't l?
What happened in there?
Going to a lot of meetings, I see.
Keeps the voices out so I can sleep.
I have to sleep, John.
I need some help, Father.
You do?
From me?
What kind of--?
-Hey, listen, l--
-That exorcism wasn't right.
Listen to the ether.
Anything unusual, you let me know.
Come on, you don't need its protection.
It'll be like back in the day.
A few days.
Okay. For you, John.
John, why would you do that
if you know it's not my car?
-I told you to move it.
-You did tell me to move it...
...but if you'd said you were dropping
a 300-pound mirror with a demon...
...I would've moved it further, John.
-Take Alvarado.
-Yeah, thank you. I know what to take.
You ever think if you told me more now
that maybe I could help out?
Of course it's a nope.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been...
... two weeks since my last confession.
I killed a man today.
Another one.
I didn't even see his face, I just...
... pulled the trigger, and he went away.
Most cops go 20 years
without firing their guns.
Why do I always know
where these guys are?
Where to aim, when to fire.
I'm wondering, is there
something wrong with me, Father?
Something damned?
God has a plan for you.
He has a plan for us all.
You mustn 't let your faith
be overshadowed by guilt.
Yeah, I'm trying.
I'm trying real hard.
Things I've beaten.
Things most people never even heard of.
And now l'm gonna be done in by this.
Wouldn't be the first, John.
Come on, Les.
You saved me before,
you can do it again, right?
This is aggressive.
Twenty years ago,
you didn't wanna be here.
Now you don't wanna leave.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
John, you really need to prepare.
-Make arrangements.
-No need.
I already know exactly where I'm going.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-No, no, no.
-Angela, wait.
You don't need to see this, okay? No.
Give us the room, please.
She fell from the roof?
She jumped.
...I know it's hard to accept.
She was sick.
-lsabel wouldn't kill herself.
-She wouldn't kill herself.
Angie, there were security cameras.
-Hold the door. You going down?
-Not if I can help it.
A new case?
The big score? The mother lode?
The one you've been
Константин Константин

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