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people never even heard of.
And now l' m gonna be done in by this.
Wouldn't be the first, John.
Come on, Les.
You saved me before,
you can do it again, right?
This is aggressive.
Twenty years ago,
you didn't wanna be here.
Now you don't wanna leave.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
John, you really need to prepare.
-Make arrangements.
-No need.
I already know exactly where l' m going.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-No, no, no.
-Angela, wait.
You don't need to see this, okay? No.
Give us the room, please.
She fell from the roof?
She jumped.
... I know it's hard to accept.
She was sick.
-lsabel wouldn't kill herself.
-She wouldn't kill herself.
Angie, there were security cameras.
-Hold the door. You going down?
-Not if I can help it.
A new case?
The big score? The mother lode?
The one you've been waiting for?
-Humor me.
-Don't I always?
Oh, yeah, that's--
Much obliged. Thank you.
How you feeling, John?
So, what's new?
Bullet shavings from
the assassination attempt on the pope...
... holy-water ampoules
from the River Jordan...
...and-- Oh, you'll love this.
--screech beetle from Amityville.
Y eah, it's funny to you, but to the
fallen, that's like nails on a chalkboard.
What is it, exactly, with you and bugs?
I just like them.
Yeah. Who doesn't?
Yeah, easy there, hero.
-That's dragon's breath.
-I thought you couldn't get it anymore.
Yeah, well, I know a guy
who knows a guy.
So, what's the action?
I just pulled a soldier demon
out of a little girl.
Looked like it was trying
to come through.
Yeah, I know how it sounds.
No, we' re finger puppets
to them, John...
... not doorways.
They can work us, but they can't
come through onto our plane.
Check the scrolls anyway.
See if there's any precedent.
Sure thing, John.
Anything else?
Wouldn't happen to have
anything for a--?
On the house.
All right, question. How much longer
do I have to be your slave, John?
You' re not my slave, Chas.
You' re my very appreciated apprentice.
Like T onto or Robin.
Or that skinny fellow
with the fat friend.
Right. So then why don't I apprentice
something besides driving, then, John?
John? John.
I love our little talks, John.
May I take your coat, Mr. Constantine?
No, thanks,
l' m not gonna be staying long.
-How about you, ma'am?
-Oh, no, l' m not staying long either.
I really need to speak with him.
It's important.
First come, first served.
So you' re rude no matter where you are.
-You have news. Y es.
-Y es, I spoke with the bishop.
I know what you want, son.
Still keeping your all-seeing eye
on me, Gabriel?
I' m flattered.
Well, I could offer something...
...about how a shepherd leads
even the most wayward of his flock...
... but it might sound disingenuous.
She has to have a Catholic funeral,
Father. She has to.
-Angela, it's still considered a mortal sin.
-She didn't commit suicide.
The bishop believes otherwise.
You know the rules.
Oh, rules.
This is lsabel.
God was the only one
she ever believed loved her.
I' m sorry.
I've been seeing some unusual
soul traffic lately.
You might consider
giving me an extension.
I could do your side some good
these days.
You still trying to buy your way
into heaven?
What about the minions I've sent back?
-That alone should guarantee my entry.
-How many times have I told you?
That's not the way this works.
Why, haven't I served him enough?
-What does he want from me?
-Only the usual.
Self-sacrifice, belief.
-Oh, I believe, for chrissake.
-No, no, you know.
And there's a difference. You've seen.
I never asked to see.
I was born with this curse.
A gift, John.
One that you've squandered
on selfish endeavors.
I' m pulling demons out of little girls.
Who's that for?
Everything you've ever done,
you've only ever done for yourself.
T o earn your way
Константин Константин

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