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The apartment.
Be careful with that cat.
God, I hate this part.
- Isabel.
- Constantine.
- Constantine, what...?
- Twins.
Jesus. What?
- You were twins.
- What did you say?
- She killed herself.
- What?
And she's damned for it.
How is this possible?
I need to eat.
Hey! Hey, what are you doing in here?
Relax, man.
Slow down!
What the hell kind of place is this?
When I was a kid, I could see things.
Things humans aren't supposed to see.
Things you shouldn't have to see.
My parents were normal.
They did what most parents would do.
They made it worse.
You think you're crazy long enough...
...you find a way out.
You tried to kill yourself.
I didn't try anything.
Officially, I was dead for two minutes.
But when you cross over...
...time stops.
Take it from me,
two minutes in hell is a lifetime.
When I came back...
...I knew...
...all the things I could see were real.
Heaven and hell are right here.
Behind every wall, every window.
The world behind the world,
and we're smack in the middle.
Angels and demons can't
cross over onto our plane.
So instead we get
what I call half-breeds.
The influence peddlers.
They can only whisper in our ears, but
a single word can give you courage...
...or turn your favorite pleasure
into your worst nightmare.
Those with the demon's touch...
...like those part angel,
living alongside us.
They call it the balance.
I call it hypocritical bullshit.
So when a half-breed
breaks the rules...
...I deport their sorry ass
straight back to hell.
I don't get them all...
...but I've been hoping to get enough
to ensure my...
- I don't understand.
I'm a suicide, Angela.
When I die, the rules say
I've got just one place to go.
You're trying to buy your way
into heaven.
What would you do
if you were sentenced to a prison...
...where half the inmates
were put there by you?
I guess God has a plan for all of us.
God's a kid with an ant farm, lady.
He's not planning anything.
When we were little...
...Isabel saw things too.
Guard spotted him groping
the body, then he ran across the street.
Came in here, and he had a go
at the entire stock.
He drowned himself in alcohol
in under a minute.
could've been a member
of my fraternity.
Hey, what the hell is he doing here?
He's okay.
Why didn't you call me,
you son of a bitch?
What do you mean?
Got it. Bye.
I need to see where Isabel died.
Sйances, Ouija boards, channeling.
Our father thought she was
just trying to get attention.
She certainly did that.
She'd tell everyone about the things
she said she saw.
She'd scare my mother half to death.
And then she stopped talking
for almost a year.
So you had her committed.
How long?
Two weeks.
This time.
She'd get better, and then she'd
get worse. Recently, a lot worse.
That symbol that was cut
in the dead guy's hand...
...does it have something to do
with this?
I'm a cop, John, remember?
You don't walk off the roof of a building
without leaving something behind.
And I showed you everything
she left behind in that box, but feel free.
Maybe she left something else.
Not something a cop would find.
Something just for you.
You were her twin, Angela.
Twins tend to think alike.
- I'm not like my sister.
- But you were once.
When you were kids.
When you'd spend every second
with each other.
You'd start a sentence, she'd finish it.
You'd get hurt, she'd cry.
That was a long time ago.
That kind of bond doesn't
just disappear.
There is nothing here.
- Hey. Come on.
- She planned her death in this room.
She thought it up right here.
Right where you're standing.
She knew you'd come. She counted
on you to see what she saw...
...feel what she felt,
know what she knew.
- What did she do, Angela?
- How should I know?
- What did
Константин Константин

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