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you got there, Otto.
I made them myself.
What the fuck are you doing
with our car?
Your car?
Are you sure?
This looks
like my car.
Are there pecan pies
in the back seat?
Not anymore,
we ate them.
Shut up, Archie.
(Archie) You shut up.
You still here?
My car looks
just like this.
But this is yours.
Your car.
Yeah, four-eyes.
Of course.
What's in the trunk?
What do you mean?
You don't even know what's
in your own trunk?
(Debbi) Kill him, Duke.
You know what?
I think you're afraid
to find out.
Kill him. Come on, Duke,
you putty butt. Kill him.
I ain't afraid
of nothing, see?
It's all right, I don't blame you
for being afraid.
I said, I ain't afraid of nothing!
I kill people like you!
Oh, well.
I guess you're right.
It's better not to look.
Beautiful evening.
You can almost see the stars.
Shut up.
He's going to open it.
(Debbi) Come on, Duke.
This thing is hot.
[Archie snickering]
We don't have all night.
Close it, Duke.
Dukie Wukie
hurt his little hand.
Fuck you, Archie.
Just for that, you're not
in the gang anymore.
I'm taking over now.
Oh, leave it out.
King Archie, the Invincible.
Shut up, Archie.
Hey, Debbi, watch this.
(J. Frank)
Oh, dear, what a shame.
Come on, Duke,
let's go do those crimes.
Yeah, let's go
get sushi and not pay.
[Man chattering on radio]
Hey, buddy.
Special deputies, pull over.
So the farmer says, "The ice
broke, and he fell in."
There goes
another one.
What are these people, man?
They only put one person in each car.
The city wants us to carpool,
but nobody gives a shit.
If people carpooled,
we'd be out of work.
Bullshit. "How come that pig's
got a wooden leg?"
[Whistling] "Well," says the farmer,
"About three months ago"...
Look at that car.
Hey, Budsky,
there's your girlfriend.
Los Rodriguez brothers, huh?
Okay, boys,
we got the whole team
here tonight.
Let's settle these
motherfuckers' hash for good.
(Lite) Let's do it.
Pull over.
[Speaking Spanish]
I got it.
Hey, watch it, relax.
Don't lose him, man.
I hate men who play dumb.
(Lagarto) You see him?
Hey, take it easy.
Stop the fucking car.
[Horns blaring]
Stop the fucking thing.
Hey, come on,
you motherfucker.
Motherfucker, come on. Come on,
motherfucker. Yeah, come on.
What are you waiting for, motherfucker?
I'll kick your fucking ass. Come on.
Come on, what are you going to do
with that bat? - What?
[Logarto yelling]
Too bad, Bud. This is going
to cost you plenty!
What do you mean, cost me plenty?
How's your neck, Napoleon?
Oh, my neck.
Yeah, oh shit!
Oh shit, my neck is killing me, man.
I think I got whiplash.
Besides the whiplash,
this isn't a repo car.
Bullshit. I got the fucking papers.
We paid it off.
You see, this is
our favorite car.
That's right.
You got insurance, motherfucker?
[All shouting]
(Oly) Come on, take it easy.
(Napo) Come on.
(Bud) Whose side are you on,
for Christ's sake?
We lose, God damn it!
[Metal scraping]
This is bullshit, Oly.
Yeah, that's what I said when the marshal
woke me up at 4:00 this morning.
Unfortunately, it isn't bullshit.
It's a summons.
Bullshit. You should have
refused to accept it.
Have you read it?
The goddamn Rodriguez brothers are
suing us for malicious damage...
medical expenses, and harassment,
for a car they fucking own!
The Rodriguez brothers are...
You believe the fucking
Rodriguez brothers?
They're a couple of scumbags,
Oly. You know them.
I know that, Bud, but we've got to
sit down and get our stories straight.
Bullshit, you're taking
their word against mine.
I was there, remember?
[Man chattering on TV]
Why don


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