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want a ride?
No! Help!
[Leila crying]
What do you want from me?
We ask the questions.
You're not going to
torture me, are you?
Torture you? What for?
To find out what I know.
I'd torture someone
in a second,
if it was up to me.
Why are you looking
for the Malibu?
Because of the trunk.
The aliens inside.
Illegal aliens?
No, silly.
Did you ever think
about joining the CIA?
I'm gonna have
to ask my boyfriend.
##[Men singing]
What's going on?
The usual.
(Oly) Come on, Miller. Hi, Marlene.
How you doing, baby?
[Man laughing]
(Oly) Jesus, who done that
to you, son?
Who done what?
(Bud) "Who done what," he says.
You wanna talk about guts?
What'd you do
with your face, kid?
Just some dude, it doesn't matter.
Yes, it does.
Why don't you do something,
Aren't you a cop or something?
Marlene, I'm on my coffee break.
Repo man don't go running to the
Man, Marlene. Repo man goes it alone.
Yes, sirree, Bob.
Just like John Wayne.
Damn right, just like John Wayne.
What's wrong with that?
Greatest American that ever lived.
John Wayne was a fag.
What did you say, Miller?
John Wayne was a fag.
(all) The hell he was!
He was, too, you boys.
I installed two-way mirrors
in his pad in Brentwood.
And he come
to the door in a dress.
You're fucking nuts.
(Oly) That doesn't mean
he was a homo, Miller.
A lot of straight guys like
to watch their buddies fuck.
Know I do.
(all) Yeah?
Don't you?
Damn straight, I do.
Fuck John Wayne, man!
Tell us his name, you little pussy.
Piss off, asshole.
You bastards!
Take it easy.
Come on, easy, man.
The guy's head is hurt.
You're taking this
too personal, son.
The thing is, a repo man got beat up
in the line of duty.
It doesn't matter
that that man was you.
What really matters is that the guy
that did it has got to pay the price.
Now stop being selfish
and tell us his name.
Come on.
[Otto screaming]
You bastard! All right.
Okay, his name was...
Mr. Humphries?
I'm Mr. Humphries.
What do you want?
(newscaster) The President admitted
US planes have...
napalmed refugee camps
in southern Mexico.
He explained that these camps were,
in fact, guerrilla bases.
In strife-torn Guatemala, shots
were fired at the US Embassy.
Government troops retaliated
and killed 50...
Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation,
Marlene speaking.
Hello, is Otto there?
It's for you, a girl.
Hi Otto, it's Leila.
Leila who?
##[When The Shit
Hits The Fan playing]
I can't believe
I used to like these guys.
Listen to me.
For the sake of this
and future generations...
you must tell us
everything you know.
Yeah, sure.
I need another drink.
Otto, these aliens
aren't on ice or anything.
They could be
starting to decay.
We've got to find them before
they turn into mush.
Well, well, well,
if it ain't the repo man.
You look like shit,
you wanker!
Duke, Debbi, Archie...
I'd like you to meet Leila
and her weird friend.
How you doing,
How come you don't hang out
with your friends no more?
What friends?
Want some beaut, dude?
(Debbi and Archie) Duke!
[Both sniffing]
I really love you, man.
You're my best friend
because you always...
fucking came to see me
while I was in juvie.
(Otto) I was busy, man.
I told you, I was working.
Look, a metal hand.
Can we feel it?
[Archie laughing]
Fuck this. Let's go
do some crimes.

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