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So, I want you to go out
and mortgage that home...
and sell that car,
and send me your money.
You don't need that car.
Put it on a plate, Son.
You'll enjoy it more.
Couldn't enjoy it any more, Mom.
This is swell.
Hey, Dad?
What is it, Son?
Do you remember...
that you once told me,
a long time ago...
Well, not too long ago, but...
that you told me that you'd
give me $1,000 to go to
Europe if I finished school?
Well, you know something?
You were right...
about finishing school.
That's what I'd like to do.
But I wanna know
if I can have the money first.
Like now.
You know, I really love you,
Dad. I've always loved you.
You, too, Mom.
What do you say?
I don't have it anymore.
(Mom) Your father gave
all our extra money
to the Reverend's telethon, Otto.
We're sending Bibles to El Salvador.
Well, what about me?
(Dad) You're on the honor roll
of the Chariots of Fire.
Same as us, Otto.
It was a gift from all of us, jointly.
So how much do I get paid,
$25 a car?
You don't get paid.
You kidding? You work on commission.
That's better than being paid.
Most cars you rip
are worth $200 or $300.
$50,000 Porsche
might make you $5,000.
Come on, dickhead.
It helps if you dress
like a detective, too.
Detectives dress
kind of square.
People think
"this guy is a cop"...
they're gonna think
you're packing something.
They don't fuck with you
so much.
Are you?
Am I what?
Packing something.
Only an asshole
gets killed for a car.
The guys that make it are the guys
that get in their cars at any time.
Get in at 3:00 a.m.,
get up at 4:00.
That's why there ain't a repo man
I know that don't take speed.
Speed, huh?
Jesus Christ.
##[Car stereo playing]
I never broke into a car, I never
hot-wired a car, kid.
I never broke into a trunk.
I shall not cause harm to any vehicle
nor the personal contents thereof...
nor, through inaction, let that vehicle
or the personal contents thereof...
come to harm.
It's what I call
the repo code, kid.
[Sniffing] Don't forget it.
Etch it in your brain.
Not many people got a code
to live by anymore.
Hey, look. Look at that.
Look at those assholes over there.
Ordinary fucking people.
I hate them.
Me, too.
What do you know, kid?
See, an ordinary person spends his
life avoiding tense situations.
Repo man spends his life
getting into tense situations.
Let's go get a drink.
(Bud) Tense situations, kid.
Get into five or six of them a day,
don't mean shit anymore.
I mean, I've seen men stabbed,
didn't mean shit. I've seen guns, too.
They don't mean shit, but that's when
you gotta watch yourself.
Here, I'll handle it, pal.
Try to settle down.
Have a nice day.
Night, day,
doesn't mean shit.
[Bell tinkling]
Wasn't that Otto?
(woman) Otto who?
(Bud) There's gonna be
some bad shit...
coming down
one of these days, kid.
Oh, yeah?
Where are you gonna be?
On the moon?
I'm gonna be right here,
heading north at 110 per.
In this junker?
Cool car.
The Rodriguez brothers.
The motherfucker just flipped you off.
Roll the window down. Roll the window down.
[Both speaking Spanish]
Watch it, motherfucker.
Hey, fuck you, pussy. Punk!
Holy shit!
Want me to take them?
[Otto yelling]
[Otto and Bud chattering]
Goddamn dipshit,
Gypsy dildo punks!
I'll get your ass!
[Otto laughing]
Wow. That was intense!
Repo man's always intense.
Come on, let's go get a drink.
Gee, Bud. You never told me
it was gonna be like this, man.
Cops and robbers.
Real live car chases.
[Otto laughing]
[Man chattering on TV]
Shit, Debbi!
You say our names, we're gonna have
to kill all these people, Archie.
They all ran away. Come on,
you douche bags.
[Continues chattering]
Awful quiet in here.
Too quiet.
So, who are these
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