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get it.
[Buzzer sounding]
(Oly) That ain't your car.
You gonna let him lie to you like that?
Shut up. Shut up.
You gonna give me my car, or
do I gotta go to your house...
and shove your dog's head
down the toilet?
Take it easy, sonny boy.
(Delilah) Shut up, rent-a-cop.
Best goddamn car on the lot.
You damn right it is.
[Phone ringing]
(Marlene) Will you hold, please?
Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation,
Marlene speaking.
[Both laughing]
Say, mama, what's happening?
Do you want to take a lift?
No, thank you.
Let's go.
Drive a Cadillac, you sleep in a tent.
Shut up, Plettschner.
Bud, what street was that car on?
Honey, I don't know.
Some alley. Hey, kid?
He doesn't know.
(Otto) What?
Hey, what street
was the Cutlass on?
I don't know.
(Marlene) They don't know,
I'll call you back.
What happened to your old lady?
My old lady?
Oh, shit.
I forgot all about her.
Well, she'll take the bus.
She's a rock.
Hey, come on in.
Can you hold?
[Buzzer sounding]
You got a name, kid?
Yeah, it's Otto.
Auto? Auto parts?
Here, kid.
[Phone ringing]
Helping Hand.
You got a driver's license, sonny?
Fucking A, we ripped...
your car, asshole.
Let me see it.
You wanna know who told us where it was?
Your goddamn brother.
Are you really 21?
That's what it says,
doesn't it?
Hey, you want some help
with that beer, kid?
You're all repo men.
What if we are?
[Beer can clattering]
You know, kid, usually, when somebody
pulls shit like that...
my first reaction is...
I want to punch his fucking lights out.
But you know something?
You're all right.
You're all right.
[Bud laughing]
That right, Lite?
You got any messages for me, baby?
(Marlene) Yeah, here you go.
[Buzzer sounding]
Cracks me up.
Somebody pissed on the floor again?
Maybe he's looking for a job,
huh, Budsky?
Could be. What do you say, kid?
We're always on the lookout
for a few good men.
Screw that.
Ain't gonna be no repo man,
no way.
It's too late.
You already are.
[Buzzer sounding]
[Helicopter blades whirring]
Find one in every car.
You'll see.
[Woman chattering on radio]
Years ago, I saw five cows mutilated.
Legs sticking up in the air.
Testicles bit off.
I think Canadian bacon is better myself.
Never seen the like of that.
What could have done that to him?
It happens sometimes.
People just explode.
Natural causes.
[Computers beeping]
[Thunder rumbling]
Night watchman, Pomona?
Asbestos worker, City of Industry?
French-fry maker, Agoura.
That's absurd.
Yeah, well, you think
that's funny, huh?
There's fucking room
to move as a fry cook, man.
You know, I could be manager
in two years.
You know, Kevin...
I had this wild fucking dream
the other night.
I'll bet.
It was with you
and me, and...
we were working in this sleazy
shithole motel down in Miami, Florida.
And we were bellhops.
And we were 65 years old.
It was so real. It was really...
It was real, it was realistic, you know?
And then what?
You woke up in a puddle?
Fuck you.
Fucking jerk.
Where you going,
Away from you.
[Kids chattering]
The Lord has told me
Yea, for I walk
with the Lord. Amen.
He said, "Larry,
you and your flock
shall see the Promised Land.
"But only if you first destroy
the twin evils...
"of godless communism abroad
and liberal humanism at home. "
Hello, Mother. Hello, Father.
Anything to eat?
Now, my friends, occasionally
we get a letter from a viewer
that says. _
"Now, the only reason
Reverend Larry comes
on your television set...
"is because he wants
your money. "
And you know what?
They're right.
I do want your money,
because God wants your money.
Конфискатор Конфискатор

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