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Chapter 7, verse 3.
- l've got it marked.
Miller, what are you doing?
- l'm going for a little spin.
But you don't know how to drive?
Otto, don't go!
What about our relationship?
What about our relationship?
Fuck that.
You shithead!
l'm glad l tortured you.
l'm supposed to be in that car!
Best goddamned car in the yard.
Wow! This is intense!
The life of a repo man
is always intense.##[Repo Man Theme
by lggy Pop playing]
[Siren wailing]
[Police radio chattering]
[Bird squawking]
# Clementine ##
Let me see
your driver's license.
(man on radio)
Post 10-18. Post 10-18.
From out of town, huh?
What you got
in the trunk?
You don't want to look
in there.
Give me the keys.
##[Man singing]
[Kevin humming]
[Woman chattering
on P.A. System]
# Feeling 7UP,
I'm feeling 7UP #
# Feeling 7UP,
I'm feeling 7UP #
# It's a crisp,
refreshing feeling #
# Crystal clear and light #
# America's drinking 7UP
and it sure feels right #
# Feeling lucky seven ##
Kevin, stop singing, man.
I wasn't singing, guy.
I'm standing right next to you, and
you're fucking singing. Cut it out.
Why so tense, guy?
Mr. Humphries.
You were late again
this morning.
Now, normally
I'd let it go, but...
it's been brought to my attention
that you're not paying attention...
to the way you space the cans.
Many young men of your age,
in these uncertain times...
are you paying attention to me?
Hey, he's talking to you.
Fuck you.
(Humphries) Good Lord.
All right, pendejo.
Motherfucker, come on, just try it.
(Kevin) Oh, man.
Come on.
You gotta love
getting fired...
from your job
in a big way, Otto.
What are you laughing at?
Luis, throw him out, too.
Come on, you fucking worm.
Get out of here.
##[Coup D'Etat playing]
[Men chattering]
How're you doing, Duke?
When did you get out
of the slammer, man?
[Girl shrieks]
Excuse me while I fold my pants.
##[Debbi humming]
What's the difference?
Get me another beer.
##[Institutionalized playing]
(Kevin) Be cool. Damn it.
A joke's a joke.
But I'm supposed to be
the host here.
Debbi, honey...
I got your beer.
This is bullshit.
(Debbi) Just ignore him, Duke.
He's nothing but a big baby.
What're you doing, man?
(Duke) Turn the fucking light out.
No one's supposed to be up here.
This is my parents' room.
# Don't want to talk about
anything else #
# We don't want to know #
# We're just dedicated #
# to our favorite shows ##
Saturday Night Live!
Monday Night Football!
Gilligan's Island!
[Man whistles]
Hey, kid.
[Car horn honking]
Hey, kid.
You hard of hearing, Ace?
What do you want?
You wanna make $10?
Fuck you, queer.
Now, wait a minute, kid.
You got the wrong idea.
Look, my old lady's real sick.
I got to get her
to the hospital, okay?
So what? Take her there. - I can't.
I can't leave her car in this bad area.
Look, I need some helpful soul
to drive it for me, okay?
She's pregnant, she's with twins, she
could drop at any time, all right?
how much you gonna give me?
No, I won't do it
for less than $20.
[Airplane engine droning]
Follow me in
my old lady's car.
It's right here, okay?
All right.
Where's your old lady at?
Never mind about that.
Right now, we gotta get...
both of my cars out of this bad area,
all right?
Come on.
[Woman speaking Spanish]
[Car engine starting]
##[Car radio playing]
[Tires screeching]
Let's go!
[Speaking Spanish]
[Woman screaming]
##[Spanish song playing]
(Miner) You know damned straight
which one I'm talking about.
It's sitting right outside.
It took me two weeks to get this money
up so I could come and

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