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A goner. - Man.
Booth's setting him on fire.
The car!
The Chevy Malibu! Where's the car?
You better stay out of this.
- Why? - lt's none of your business.
You want to be a hero?
l'd rather be a chicken man. - A what?
A chicken man.
Oid you ever see a farmer's wife?
Let go of me!
lt's peaceful, man.
The Malibu!
Let's go!
No, wait. My car's gone, and we're
going to get to the bottom of this.
Like hell we are.
Not in my face!
Freeze, Marlene!
My face!
- Over my dead body.
lf that's how you want it.
- Come and get me. Come on!
l've been wanting to for a long time.
- Come on.
Come on, if you're man enough.
- Hey Plettsch!
Coffee break!
Good evening, Otto.
This is Agent Rogersz.
l'm going to
ask you a few questions.
Since time is short and you may lie,
l'm going to have to torture you.
But l want you to know,
it isn't personal.
This isn't really necessary. l'll
tell you anything you want to know.
Good. Where is the Malibu?
- l don't know.
ripped it from the yard.
l don't think he knows.
- lncrease the voltage!
But what if he's innocent?
- No one is innocent. Proceed.
Look at them. High heels,
hairnets, ridiculous trenchcoats,
how pathetic!
Agent Rogersz, they're getting away!
- lt's all part of the plan.
Otto, pull yourself together.
What's going on?
- We're going to the hospital.
Or. Benway to surgery.
Hey, l know you! You're the one
who ran into my trash.
Shh yourself!
Visiting hours are now over.
Thank you.
Out of order. Take the stairs.
Mr. Lee:
Mr. Lee:
Please return the scalpel, Mr. Lee.
Let me see that.
All wrong! Oo it over.
.... and they won't pick it up.
- lsn't it a shame?
lt comes to something when
they expect you to pick it up.
How are you doing?
- Ask him about the Malibu.
About that night,
l'm sorry l split.
l should have stayed with you.
But when l was a kid, l had
this set of big wheels ...
Please, quiet in the stairwell.
A very sad and
unchristian thing just happened.
A sweet old lady's
car was stolen,
a Chevy Malibu.
Brothers and sisters please,
if you've seen this car,
call this toll-free number.
- Praise the Lord!
Go, go!
Come on!
Let's go!
Oon't shoot! All right!
Where's the Malibu?
Oon't even ask,
because l don't know.
l don't have it, neither does Marlene,
nor you or your crazy friends.
So that leaves ...
Where is he? - Where the fuck is he?
- He is risen. Holy ...
- Bye bye!
Here's another weird one: apparently,
a hail of ice cubes is coming down
south of downtown. Scientists
are at a loss to explain ...
Some weird fucking shit, eh?
What's going on?
- Shit!
11 years of repoing cars,
and what have l got? Shit!
Bud, listen: You're sitting in a car
worth 20,000 dollars.
Look, we turn it in and
split the money, 60-40, you and me.
Who gets the 60, kid?
Well, l thought,
since l found the car first, that ...
that you'd get it.
Get away from the car.
This is your only warning.
We got problems, man!
No, no no no! Wait!
Stop fucking around!
Only assholes get killed for a car.
You calling me an asshole, punk?
l sure am.
- Come and get me, copper!
l'm well-armed,
and l know where you live.
Son of a bitch! - l'd rather die
on my feet than live on my knees.
Come on, you popsicles,
let's get that car!
Hey Oly, there's Bud!
We'll drive it off a cliff.
- l have the car papers. Beer anyone?
Hey, Bud, want a beer?
- No, a cigarette.
No beer is needed here.
l'm touching the car.
l'm encountering a strange,
eerie kind of forcefield.
l don't know what it is. lt's ...
Go on, you popsicles!
l'm having the same feeling ...
l love this job. - Linear and inverse
vectors merge in zero.
This way, your Holiness!
lt's more than a job,
it's ... it's a calling.
Critical mass is at zero ...
- Why, you could say it's spiritual.
Holy sheepshit!
Get back, get back!
Get in there, or you don't get paid!
Have you read this book? "Oioretix" ?
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