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us his name, you little pussy!
Piss off, ass-wipes.
You bastards!
- Easy!
The guy's head is hurt.
You're taking this
too personal, son.
The thing is, a repo man
got beat up in the line of duty.
lt doesn't matter that it was you.
What really matters,
is that the guy pays the price.
Now stop being selfish,
and tell us his name.
Come on!
All right!
OK, his name was ...
Mr. Humphries?
- Yes?
Yes, l'm Mr. Humphries.
What do you want?
... U.S. planes napalmed refugee camps
in southern Mexico. He explained that
the camps were really guerrilla bases.
ln Guatemala, shots were fired
at the U.S. embassy ...
"Helping Hand" , Marlene speaking.
- Hello, is Otto there?
lt's for you. A girl.
Hi Otto? lt's Leila.
Leila who?
Can't believe l once liked these guys.
- Listen to me!
For the sake of future generations,
please tell us everything you know.
Sure, l need another drink.
These aliens aren't even on ice,
they could be starting to decay.
We've got to find them.
Well, well, well!
lf it ain't the repo man.
- You look like shit, wanker.
Ouke, Oebbi, Archie,
meet Leila
and her weird friend.
How you doing, asshole?
How come you don't hang out with
your friends anymore? - What friends?
Want some ludes, dude?
l really love you.
Because you always
visited me when l was in juvie.
l was busy. l told you l was working.
Wow, a metal hand!
Can we feel it?
Fuck this!
Let's go do some crimes.
Nice friends you got there, Otto
Thanks, l made them myself.
Hey, what the fuck are you
doing with our car? - Your car?
Are you sure?
This looks like my car.
Are there pecan pies in the back?
- Not any more. We ate them.
Shut up, Archie.
- You shut up. - You're still here?
My car looks just like this.
But this is yours, your car?
Yeah, 4 eyes.
- Of course ...
What's in the trunk?
- What do you mean?
You don't even know what's in
your own trunk. You know what?
l think you're afraid to find out.
Kill him!
l ain't afraid of nothing, see?
- l don't blame you for being afraid.
l said, l ain't afraid of nothing.
l kill people like you.
Oh well, l guess you're right.
lt's better not to look.
Beautiful evening.
You can almost see the stars.
Oh shut up!
He's going to open it.
Come on, Ouke!
- The thing is hot!
Look, we don't have all night.
Close it, Ouke! No!
Oukie Wookie
hurt his wittle hand.
Fuck you, Archie!
Just for that, you're not in the gang.
- l'm taking over now.
Oh, leave it!
- King Archie!
The lnvincible!
- Shut up, Archie!
Watch this!
Oh dear!
What a shame! - Come on,
Ouke, let's go do those crimes.
Yeah. Let's get sushi ...
and not pay.
Hey buddy!
Special deputies, pull over!
Special deputies, pull over!
So the farmer says
the ice broke and he fell in ...
Look at these people,
there's one person in each car.
The city wants us to carpool,
but nobody gives a shit.
lf people carpool,
we'd be out of work. - Bullshit!
"Why has that pig got a wooden leg?"
"Well," said the farmer,
"about 3 months ago ..."
Look at that car!
Hey, Budsky, there's your girlfriend.
The Rodriguez Brothers!
We got the whole team here tonight,
let's settle this for good.
Let's do it!
- Pull over!
Shit, it's Bud!
Oon't lose him!
Take it easy. Stop the car!
Motherfucker, come on!
What are you waiting for?
l kick your fucking ass! Come on!
Come on!
What'll you do with that bat?
You bad, Bud! This is going to
cost you plenty! - What do you mean?
How's your neck, Napoleon?
- Oh, my neck. Yeah. Oh shit!
l think l got whiplash!
Besides, this isn't a repo car.
- Bullshit! l got the papers on it.
We paid it off.
See, this is our favorite car.
That's right! You got insurance?
Come on, cocksucker!
Whose side are you on?
Let me loose, God damn it!
Shit! This is bullshit, Oly!
Yeah, that's what l said when the
marshal woke me at 4 in the morning.
Unfortunately, it's a summons.
You should have refused it.
- Have you read it?

- - 7

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