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For me it's exactly the same.
There's no difference between
a flying saucer and a time machine.
People get so hung up on specifics,
they can't see the whole thing.
Take South America, for example:
There, thousands of people
go missing each year.
Nobody knows where they go.
They just disappear.
But if you think about it,
you realize something:
There had to be a time when
there was no people, right? - Yeah.
Well, where
did all these people come from?
l'll tell you where: the future.
Where did all these
people disappear to?
The past? - That's right!
And how did they get there?
How the fuck do l know?
Flying saucers.
Which are really ...
yeah you got it ...
... time machines.
l think a lot about this stuff.
l do my best thinking on the bus.
That's how come l don't drive.
You don't even know how to drive.
l don't want to know how.
The more you drive,
the less intelligent you are.
l think l saw
one of those UFOs once.
lt was really kind of scary, it was
all these colored lights and sounds.
Sounds and lights like l've never
heard before. lt was really weird.
Bud? Oo you think all repo men
follow the code?
Of course.
A lot of fucked up cars come in, but
mostly the customer's fucked them up.
l'll give 1000 dollars for his Falcon.
That's a bribe, Napoleon.
Who the hell is this? "Napoleon" ?
Who are you calling?
A grand if you show me
where his car is.
Go fuck yourself, asshole!
64 Chevy Malibu. 20 grand.
l'm waiting!
- We could buy 10 of them for that.
Think you can find it now? - Why is
this junk worth so much? What's in it?
Los Hermanos Rodriguez
don't approve of drugs.
Neither do l,
but it's my birthday.
That motherfucker's still down there.
l don't care how long it takes,
A repo man's got all night,
every night.
Jesus Christ! 20,000 dollars!
Hi, this is Leila.
Please leave your name,
number, and a brief message,
and the time you called, at the beep.
And please try to be frank.
Hey Leila. This is Otto,
the guy who gave you the ride.
l heard something about that car.
Otto. Otto, stop!
You wanted to tell me something.
What did you want to tell me?
Take off your clothes.
l'm at work, Otto.
- Yeah? Me too.
Your work is different than mine.
- Says who?
What are you doing? Oon't!
At least you could
give me a blowjob.
l guess that means no.
We have a
cell meeting in two minutes time.
Thanks, Oeadra. l'll be right there.
That motherfucker thinks
l don't know what's up, Lite.
As soon as l find that Chevy,
l'm going indy.
l'm getting myself a tow truck,
a couple of pit bulls and a yard.
Sit around and watch
everyone else work for a while.
You can't do that on 20 grand.
- The hell l can't.
As long as you have good credit,
and my credit is spotless.
Credit is a sacred trust.
lt's what our free society
is founded on.
Oo you think they
give a damn about bills in Russia?
l said, do you think they give a damn
about their bills in Russia?
They don't pay bills in Russia.
lt's all free.
All free? Free my ass!
What are, you, a commie?
l'm no commie. - You better not be!
l don't want no commies in my car.
No Christians either!
l'll deal with you later.
l've got a customer.
You too.
Hi, l'm Kevin. Vacuum, sir?
Need a vacuum, sir?
Want me to check the trunk?
Excuse me?
Hi, l'm Kevin! - Hey, don't you
remember me? l was here yesterday.
l think l left my matches in your
office. Can you go and check for me?
Sure thing.
Anything for you. - You're
beautiful. - l'll be right back.
lt's very simple, Mrs. Parks.
You don't want me to take it,
and l don't want to.
l said to my boss: Look, l don't want
to repossess this lady's car.
l've been in the hospital, you see.
- l understand.
But my job is really
on the line over this one.
l'll see if l can borrow some money.
- That's terrific. Terrific.
How was rehearsal, son?
- Okay. Who's this?
This is Mr. Otto, deary.
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