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many seem adorable, but beware!
We know not whence they came...
Thanks for the ride.
- Sure.
Do you want
to go out with me again?
I don't know, I'm kind of busy,
with the Malibu and all.
Great. Terrific. Here's your shit!
What's your problem? Girls might
like you if you lightened up a bit.
Fuck! Girls pay to go out with me.
All right?
Wanna get back in the car?
What, here?
- Yeah.
Fuck the seat!
20,000 dollars for a Chevy Malibu?
Who's "Double X Finance"?
- Storefront operation.
But the money is in escrow.
Want me to notify the boys?
No. I think I'll go out for a while.
- Why? Are we out of beer?
Somebody has to work around here.
Keep making me money, kid.
- Fuck you.
We've been after this red devil
for a long time. Just act natural.
Nobody knows if it's your car or not.
Don't worry about that.
You give it a try. All right?
Better be fast if he finds us, boy.
- Got it!
Let's get out of here.
Oh, man!
Put your seatbelt on, boy!
I don't ride with anybody without
a seatbelt. It's one of my rules.
Put that gun down, boy.
It ain't no toy. Shit!
I walk into someone's
place of work.
They're shit scared.
They know I'm not a cop.
They think I've come to kill them,
and I would.
I'd kill anybody who crosses me.
You know what I mean?
Do you like music?
- Sure.
Then you'll love this.
I was into these dudes before anybody.
Partied with them all the time.
Asked me to be their manager.
I called bullshit on that.
Managing a pop group?
That ain't a job for no man.
Did you read that book I gave you?
- What book?
"Dioretix. The Science of
Matter over Mind".
You better read it, and quick.
That book will change your life.
Found it in a Maserati
in Beverly Hills. Know what I mean?
Lots of people don't realize
what's really going on.
They view life as a bunch of
unconnected incidents and things.
They don't realize
that there's this
lattice of coincidence
on top of everything.
I'll give you an example
to show you what I mean:
Suppose you're thinking about
a plate of shrimp.
Suddenly, somebody says:
Plate, or shrimp, or plate of shrimp.
No point in looking
for an explanation.
It's all part
of a cosmic unconsciousness.
Did you eat a lot of acid,
back in the hippie days?
I'll give you another instance:
You know the way everybody's
into weirdness right now?
Books in all the supermarkets
about Bermuda Triangles,
UFOs, how the Mayans
invented TV, that kind of thing?
I don't read them books.
For me it's exactly the same.
There's no difference between
a flying saucer and a time machine.
People get so hung up on specifics,
they can't see the whole thing.
Take South America, for example:
There, thousands of people
go missing each year.
Nobody knows where they go.
They just disappear.
But if you think about it,
you realize something:
There had to be a time when
there was no people, right? - Yeah.
Well, where
did all these people come from?
I'll tell you where: The future.
Where did all these
people disappear to?
The past? - That's right!
And how did they get there?
How the fuck do I know?
Flying saucers.
Which are really...
yeah you got it...
...time machines.
I think a lot about this stuff.
I do my best thinking on the bus.
That's how come I don't drive.
You don't even know how to drive.
I don't want to know how.
The more you drive,
the less intelligent you are.
I think I saw
one of those UFOs once.
It was really kind of scary, it was
all these colored lights and sounds.
Sounds and lights like I've never
heard before. It was really weird.
Bud? Do you think all repo men
follow the code?
Of course.
A lot of fucked up cars come in, but
mostly the customer's fucked them up.
I'll give 1000 dollars for his Falcon.
That's a bribe, Napoleon.
Who the hell is this? "Napoleon"?
Who are you calling?
A grand if you show me
where his car is.
Go fuck yourself, asshole!

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