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reports lead
you to think that I am disturbed?
Answer my question!
Sociologically, many facets of the
century represent an extreme.
Eventually, I suppose
we'll have to interfere.
Extremes are never healthy.
Then you took the trouble
to check the past
Realities of the century.
As an Observer, I must
check all pertinent facts.
Have you ever met
Senior Computer Twissell?
Computer Twissell? No.
It seems to me, based on your reports,
that your views on Primitive history are...
unique, shall we say.
Perhaps Twissell would find it
enlightening to meet you.
Yes, i've studied Primitive history.
I was the only one at school who did.
Dr. Twissell, this is
Observer Andrew Harlan.
How do you do?
So you're Observer Harlan.
Leave us, Finge.
I want to talk to the boy privately.
There's nothing to be
nervous about, boy.
I like your reports.
I think I know your
proper position in Eternity.
And I have come to offer it to you.
You do me a great honor, sir.
I need you.
You'll have a special position.
Your reports assure me you
have what I need up here.
Your record as Cub is good.
The sections for which you have
observed reported favorably.
Finally, Finges report was
most suitable of all.
Computer Finges report was favorable?
Well, boy, I didnt
say it was favorable.
As a matter of fact, Finges report
was as unfavorable as it could be.
He recommended that you be
removed from all duties.
He suggested it wasnt safe to keep
you anywhere but in Maintenance.
Finge thinks your interest
in Primitive history shows...
a strong Wish-to-Time.
A longing for Earth, for Earth-life,
something we consider dangerous.
I assure you, that's
not the case with me.
I hope so.
Don't worry, I'll take
you under my wing.
You can trust me.
In fact, I think your hobby
is interesting and valuable.
Maybe that's why I need you.
And so you'll be left alone.
I'm taking you away from Finge.
You'll be my personal Technician.
Computer Twissell, I hadn't
expected to be a Technician.
I don't care.
I need you as my personal
Technician, Harlan.
Brinsley Sheridan Cooper.
I've come to study Primitive history,
as Dr. Twissell instructed.
One moment.
Come in.
So you're the one I'll be
teaching Primitive history.
That's what Dr. Twissell said.
What have you been studying so far?
The mechanical fundamentals of the
temporal field. Temporal mechanics.
And now, Primitive history.
Strange combination. Come in.
-Thank you.
Why do you need to learn all this?
I don't know.
-Allright then, let's begin.
We know the history of many millenia
before and after our current century.
Do you understand?
Have you studied any kind of history?
Well, I was born in Europe,
they taught us modern history.
Modern history?
By Time, that was a wasted effort.
That modern history changed so many times.
There's only one authentic,
unchanging history.
The Primitive one. Socrates and Homer.
Shakespeare and Goethe.
Newton and Einstein.
Are you familiar with those names?
Of course, Einstein developed
the Theory of Relativity.
That's right. Now imagine
Einstein's parents
had never met in their time.
How would human
history have progressed?
Someone else would have developed
that theory, maybe twenty years later.
And if we once again interfere and
prevent that person from being born?
If we so wished, we could put off
the birth of Relativity indefinitely.
But we don't interfere
with Primitive history.
It would threated the
very existence of Eternity.
May I ask you something?
-Go ahead.
Do you enjoy being a Technician?
-I do.
I'm proud of what I do, because I know
that it is for the betterment of mankind.
We do not have and cannot have
any other goals. Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
I've just been in a bad mood all morning.
Moods are for Timers.
Eternals have no moods.
Learn to control yourself, Cooper.
I'll try.
It's just that I dreamed


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